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Part II
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10 Managing Performance Why You Need to Monitor Performance Understanding Bottlenecks Performance Monitoring A Word about Performance Metrics Monitoring Your CPU Monitoring Memory Monitoring Your Disks Monitoring Your Network Using sar System Tuning Kernel Tuning Interprocess Communication Shared Memory Semaphores Message Queues Solaris Resource Manager Project-Management Commands Resource Limits Implementing Resource Control Summary 11 Volume Management Volume Management Concepts and Terminology Solaris Volume Manager Features Setting up Volumes Veritas Volume Manager Veritas Volume Manager Terminology Installation and Planning
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SQL Mobile Client Agent
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In this step, a decision is made as to what to render in each step of the navigation obtained in the previous section (and how to render it). For example, it might not be deemed appropriate to show the default entity rendering at each level in the navigation, because this would lead to information overload for the user. So higher levels in the navigation hierarchy commonly use overviews (showing only a summarized rendering of a limited set of matching entities), and only when the user has drilled down to a suf ciently small set of information are the full entities shown. An important aspect of the navigation rendering is that navigation paths are only offered when they lead to a non-empty set of entities. The user will never be confronted with a navigation step that results in an empty page. Example. The topmost level is shown as a menu in a separate frame in the EnerSearch presentation while all other navigation steps are rendered using
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Answers to Review Questions
FigurE 15-3: Ringtones & Sounds.
The prior query yields the following:
When the system comes back up, after you log on to Windows 2000, you will be asked to select and log on to the NDS tree. You should be logged on with administrative credentials to perform the following functions. The server that is acting as the import server should have Active Directory installed and configured properly.
Irony of Ironies
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The part used for this example is available in the material from the CD-ROM, named 1 Features.SLDPRT.
Network Analyzer
Scaling out applies more of the same solution. Scaling out the agriculture analogy would apply more of my manual gardening techniques to the farm by bringing in a thousand helping hands to attempt to plant, weed, and harvest manually. To compare, scaling up brings more sophistication to the solution. A combine is a farmer s way of scaling up. Moving from a tiller to a tractor is scaling up. Another point from the farm analogy is to use the right-sized solution for the problem. Bringing in a combine for a family garden just won t work. To contrast availability with scalability, availability is agreeing with your neighbor that if either of your combines breaks down, you ll help each other out. Think of it as a failover plan for your combine. For web servers, scaling out means adding more servers to the web farm. SQL Server doesn t work that way; you typically can t add another database server (except perhaps in some replicated topologies). Therefore, for the purposes of this chapter, I ll define scaling out SQL Server as adding more hardware to handle an increased load without modifying the database. Applying the advanced scalability features of SQL Server 2005 is scaling up.
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