Part I Laying the Foundation in .NET

Encoding PDF417 in .NET Part I Laying the Foundation

As noted previously, Windows DVD Maker is a wizard-based application in which you move through a limited set of steps and end up, it is hoped, with a nice-looking DVD movie that will play on virtually any DVD player. In the first step of the wizard, shown in Figure 13-37, you add the content you d like on the DVD.
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Part V
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Create/Delete Computer objects Create/Delete Group objects Create/Delete User objects
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leadership position in 802.11 (including 802.11a/b/g) and also providing the complete solution set (radio, PA, and baseband/MAC). Being able to cross-sell between these two markets has enabled Intersil to generate a pretty strong cash flow so far. As the incumbent leader in wireless LAN 1C, Intersil's strategy execution so far has been pivotal to the company's success. Intersil invested in the technology as early as 1994 and was an active participant in defining the early architectures of 802.11. Intersil's strength lies in its ability to provide a complete solution. This capability was realized when it obtained MAC technology through the acquisition of Choice and No Wires Needed. These acquisitions allowed Intersil to provide complete 802.libcompliant chipsets. Intersil scored well on the customer front as well. They have provided good reference designs backed by good support engineering staff. Lastly, Intersil is also aggressively pursuing the path of next-generation wireless LAN technology, always attempting to stay two steps ahead of the curve. Intersil Corp. laid claim to the first two-chip, dual-band wireless LAN chipset for 802.1 la, b and g in Oct 2002. Intersil claimed its performance surpasses that of all other 802.lla, b, and g and dual-band wireless LAN devices. The company debuted the Prism Duette chipset at Comdex in November 2002, using it to wirelessly stream HDTV video at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. In terms of market leadership, Intersil remained the wireless LAN 1C leader in 2002. Intersil still maintains an impressive customer list, with their top customers for 2001/2002 as follows: Cisco, 3Com, Symbol, Samsung, Philips Components, and Nvidia in the USA. They have good customer relationships with Accton/Eumitcom and Golden Sun Technologies in Taiwan and Nokia in Europe. In spite of aggressive competition, Intersil is still the dominant market player in the wireless LAN market. This is due to the size of the 802.lib market, which still accounts for the majority of 802.11 chipsets today. In addition, they have a very good marketing and sales organization. Intersil is a long-term player in the market, having invested in this market since 1995. They still maintain excellent partnerships with key customers and are also actively involved in driving standards committees and industry alliances such as the IEEE 802.11 and the WFA. Their future
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Figure 44-1: An HTTP -GET request with a query string Figure 44-2: The UDDI Find page Figure 44-3: The UDDI Register page
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RF Block
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10: Complete Your Home Network with Windows Home Server
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Wi-Fi Transceiver Extractor Transformer MV Distribution Lines 7,200 V Optical Fiber
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Figure 11-6: Follow the progression as the user navigates to the Video library, then uses Back to return to the Music library, and then uses Forward to return again to Video.
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Another aspect of the setup shown here is that it uses Toolbox parts. If you want to use the auto-size functionality, then you need to be using configurations for Toolbox parts. You should pre-build all the needed configurations, and ensure that they are always available.
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Thus far, this chapter has provided a handle on ADO s place in the .NET world and ADO s OLE DB infrastructure as well as how to implement ADO in the .NET Framework. Now consider where ADO fits or more appropriately doesn t fit into the ADO.NET grand scheme. One of the design goals of ADO.NET has been to provide all the capabilities of good old ADO. At a minimum, ADO is the role model for ADO.NET. ADO.NET 1.x came up a bit short in meeting the design features of ADO, so the adoption of .NET was impeded in the data access space. With the ADO.NET 2.0 release and SQL Server 2005, the full feature set of ADO is combined with the independence and safety of the .NET Framework and the promise of XML. Not that there isn t some work to be done before ADO is completely bested by the new kid, especially in terms of performance. Understanding this progression from ADO to ADO.NET 2.0 is best accomplished by comparing the object models of the two. To adequately complete the comparison, consider the features and components of the ADO object model. This will build a foundation for reviewing what is new and what is improved in ADO.NET as the chapter progresses. ADO isn t just a wrapper over OLE DB. It provides real value to the developer and has several advantages over previous database-access methods. The following list describes those advantages originated by ADO:
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$ In Dreamweaver, open the Web page to which you wish to add the image scroller.
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