Part I Laying the Foundation in .NET

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If you navigate to Computer, you ll see that the underlying partition(s) also appear with drive letters alongside your physical disks (see Figure 26-14). You can now navigate inside these drives as you would any physical disks, copying files and making whatever changes you d like.
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This screen shot was taken in SolidWorks 2007 sp1. The display of the curvature comb in SolidWorks 2006 will have a top curve on the curvature comb. This curve has been removed in the early versions of 2007, but it may be restored in a later service pack.
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85. Y. Taur, D. Buchanan, W. Chen, D. Frank, K. Ismail, S.-H. Lo, G. Sai-Halasz, R. Viswanathan, H.-J. C. Wann, S. Wind, and H.-S. Wong, "CMOS Scaling into the Nanometer Regime," IEEE Proc. 1997, p. 486. 86. J. Huang, Z. Liu, M. Jeng, P. Ko, and C Hu, "A Physical Model for MOSFET Output Resistance," Int. Electron Devices Mee ing, 1992, p. 569. 87. H.-S. Chen, C. Teng, J. Zhao, L. Moberly, and R. Lahri, "Analog Characteristics of Drain Engineered Submicron MOSFET s for Mixed-Signal Applications," Solid State Electron. 1857 (1995). 88. J. Chung, K. N. Quader, C. Sodini, P. Ko, and C. Hu, "The Effects of Hot-Electron Degradation on Analog MOSFET Performance," Int. Electron Devices Meeting, 1990, p. 553. 89. L. Su, J. Yasaitis, and D. Antoniadis "A High-Performance Scalable Submicron MOSFET for Mixed Analog/Digital Applications," Int. Electron Devices Meeting, 1991, p. 367. 90. C. Sodini, S. Wong, and P. Ko, "A Framework to Evaluate Technology and Device Design Enhancements for MOS Integrated Circuits," IEEE J. Solid State Circ. 24(1), 118 (1989). 91. C. Sah, "Evolution of the MOS transistor--from Conception to VLSI," IEEE Proc. 1280-1326 (1988). 92. R. B. Fair, "History of Some Early Developments in Ion-Implantation Technology Leading to Silicon Transistor Manufactaring," Proc. IEEE 86, 111 (1998). 93. R. Dennard, "Field Effect Transistor M'iemory," U.S. Patent 3,387,286, filed July 14, 1968. 94. P. Bondy, "Moore's Law Governs the Sil con Revolution," Proc. IEEE 86, 78 (1998). 95. B. Crowder and S. Zirinsky, "Metal Silicide Interconnection Technology-a Future Perspective," IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, 26, 369 (1979). 96. C. Lau, Y. See, D. Scott, J. Bridges, S. Perna, and R. Davies, "Titanium Disilicide Self-Aligned Source/Drain + Gate Technology," Int. ElectronDevices Meeting, 1982, p. 714. 97. R. Rung, H. Momose, and Y. Nagaku :o, "Deep Trench Isolated CMOS Devices," Int. Electron Devices Meeting, 1982, p. 237. 98. S. Wong, C. Sodini, T. Eckstedt, H. Grinolds, K. Jackson, and S. Kwan, "Low Pressure Nitrided Oxide as a Thin Gate Dielectric for MOSFETs," J. Electrochem.Soc. 130, 1139 (1983). 99. C. Codella and S. Ogura, "Halo Doping Effects in Submicron LDD Device Design," Int. Electron Devices Meeting, 1985, p. 230. 100. J. - C. Sun, Y. Taur, R. Dennard, S. Klepner, and L. Wang, "0.5pm-Channel CMOS Technology Optimized for Liquid-Nitrogen-Temperature Operation," Int. Electron Devices Meeting, 1986, p. 236. 101. S. Hillenius, R. Liu, G. Georgiou, 1). W. R. L. Field, A. Komblit, D. Boulin, R. Johnston, and W. Lynch, "A Symmetric Submicron CMOS Technology," Int. Electron Devices Meeting, 1986, p. 252. 102. G. Sai-Halasz et al., "Experimental Technology and Characterization of Self-Aligned 0.1 ltm Gate-Length Low-Temperalure Operation NMOS Devices," Int. Electron Devices Meeting, 1987, p. 397.
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Figure 51-6: The commit transaction command launches another insert into the transaction log. 8. The commit entry is written to the transaction log. 9. The transaction-log commit entry is confirmed (see Figure 51-7).
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The next four chapters present sins 8 through 11 in no particular order. You should not feel guilty about jumping ahead to the Applications section of the book, if you like, and reading these chapters later.
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Figure 6-5: Folder Options hasn t changed much since Windows Vista, which is fine, as it s still very useful.
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IEEE 802.11b
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2. Add the following code to the file:
Point A Interference Source
Active Directory object permissions are automatically inherited, causing objects in one container to inherit the permissions of that container or parent container. This form of inheritance is enabled by default to help minimize object administration. This design of permission inheritance ows downward in the hierarchy to the object s child objects, if they exist. If you create an OU named marketing, for example, and you permit the Marketing Admin group to have Full Control rights to the marketing OU, after the child units are created they inherit the same permission settings, and the group administrator has Full Control permissions to the objects as well.
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Two architectures are typically available for producing digital modulation formats inside the signal generator. One path is to use the same type of IQ modulator hardware as would be seen in an actual radio transmitter to modulate the bits onto the carrier. The advantage of this approach is that the signal generator can accept external data as an input and modulate it onto the signal in real time for testing purposes. The disadvantage of this approach is that the signal formats that can be output are limited by the hardware that is installed in the machine. Another approach is to use an arbitrary waveform generator to calculate the shape of the waveform for a given series of input data bits, then synthesize that waveform and output it at the desired frequency. The bene t of this approach is that virtually any waveform can be created to correspond to any modulation format. In addition, signal impairments can be recreated and included in the signal to see how devices perform when the input signal is distorted. The disadvantage of this approach is that the ability to input digital data to the signal in real time is lost.
Figure 4.1.33 Cut through a CDD perpendicular to the wafer surface, and parallel to the electron drift direction
Part II
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