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18: Basic Administration
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Figure 13-5: Even video files are displayed with nice thumbnail images in Windows Live Photo
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f/3.5-6.3 lens. This multipurpose lens covers a wide range of focal lengths, from 18mm all the way to 200mm. The lens has an internal focusing system that keeps the size of the lens compact and the focusing fast. At 27 8 33 8 inches and 14 ounces, this is a small, lightweight, compact lens that is suitable for a wide variety of applications, from travel to candid photography. The drawback to this lens is that the maximum aperture is f/3.5 at the 18mm focal length, but only f/6.3 at the 200mm focal length, making it dif cult to use in lowlight situations.
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Every table has some physical order. For tables without a clustered index, the table is in a heap an unordered list. Instead of being identified by the clustered index key columns, the rows are identified internally using the heap s RowID. The RowID cannot be querie.
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Oldest Uncommitted Uncommitted Transactions Transactions Figure 36-4: The inactive transactions are all those prior to the oldest active transaction. Committed Transactions
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Table 44-1: Example Classification Matrix
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11.4 NANOWIRE ELECTRONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS The ability to synthesize NWs rationally with controlled electronic properties and to assemble NWs into regular arrays readily enables exploration of these NW structures for a variety of functional device arrays. 11.4.1 Crossed Nanowire Devices Direct assembly of highly integrated functional electronic circuits based on NWs requires (1) the development of new device concepts with scalable device con guration and (2) high yield assembly of these devices with controllable functional properties. The crossed NW matrix represents an ideal con guration since the critical device dimension is usually de ned by the cross point, which can be readily scaled down to the nanometer level, and the crossed NW con guration is naturally a scalable architecture, thus enabling the possibility of massive system integration. Moreover, the crossed NW matrix is a versatile structure and can be con gured into a variety of critical device elements, such as diodes and transistors. For example, a p-n diode can be obtained by simply crossing a p- and n-type NW as demonstrated in the cases of p-Si/n-Si, p-InP/nInP, p-InP/n-CdS and p-Si/n-GaN materials (Fig. 11.6a). Electrical measurements of such crossed junctions show clear current recti cation across the junction and linear current behavior in individual NWs, which demonstrates the formation of a p-n diode at the crossing point (Fig. 11.6b). The crossed NW p-n diodes can be assembled with high yield and reproducibility. For example, studies on more than 100 crossed NW devices assembled from p-Si NWs and n-GaN NWs show that over 95% of the junctions exhibit current recti cation with turn-on voltages of around 1.0 V.42,49 Reproducible assembly of crossed NW structures with predictable electrical properties contrasts sharply with results from NT-based devices and readily enabled integrated p-n diode arrays. Signi cantly, electrical transport measurements made on a typical 4-by-1 crossed p-Si/n-GaN junction array (Fig. 11.6c and d) show that the four nanoscale cross points form independently addressable p-n diodes with clear current recti cation and similar turn-on voltages. Nanoscale FETs can also be achieved in the crossed NW con guration using one NW as the active conducting channel and another crossed NW as
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SELECT ProductName, ProductCategoryName FROM dbo.Product JOIN ProductCategory ON Product.ProductCategoryID = ProductCategory. ProductCategoryID WHERE Code = 999
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The best bet for creating motion in a SolidWorks assembly is to leave open a single degree of freedom. This means that there is only one way the part can move, back and forth, either translation or rotation. Computers in general do not respond well to ambiguity. Dragging an item that may move in several ways is more likely to cause jerky or hesitant motion.
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The reason for this is subsampling by the factor two with respect to T . In order to avoid aliasing effects in the Wigner distribution, one has take care to that the bandlimited signal z ( t ) is sampled with the rate
A final termination situation that I want to mention is one that can sometimes happen at curved edges. If the extension of the rib can not be contained by the model, the rib will fail. This is not always as obvious a situation as you might think. When a non-horizontal rib intersects a curved edge, it usually forces you to fake something a little. Figure 32.10 shows an example of why this is.
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How do I move or resize a placeholder
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