Many-to-Many Relationships in .NET

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Media Management Operation Create a new playlist Open a file Edit media information on a selected item in the library (typically rename) Refresh information in the panes Specify a URL to open Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+N Ctrl+O F2 F5 Ctrl+U
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Keyword Tools and Services
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Because Calendar does not support to-do items, you can print only to-do s with Windows Live Calendar. Also, Windows Live Calendar supports the unique Agenda view.
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Dedicated Transport Channel (ULDL)
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Note: If you do not open the Clipboard, it will hold only your most recent copy or cut text.
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Good Scripting Practices
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The mean-square output drain current due to v2 is therefore, p
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Figure 11.20. Setting up IIS 7.0.
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Dimension concepts described so far in this chapter have focused on the basic functionality common to most types of dimensions. It is somewhat challenging, however, to understand what exactly is meant by the type of a dimension. Some sources refer to dimensions as being of only two types: data mining and standard, which encompasses everything else. Each dimension has a type property that assigns values such as Time, Geography, Customer, Accounts, and Regular, which corresponds to everything else not on the list. Furthermore, other characteristics of a dimension such as parent-child organization, write-enabling a dimensions, or linking a dimension from another database, can be thought of as different dimension types. For clarity, this chapter limits the discussion to standard dimensions, and uses type only in the context of the dimension property, but it is important to understand how type is overloaded when reading other documents.
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The linked server options shown in the Server Options tab of the Linked Server Properties form may be set in code using the sp_serveroption system stored procedure. The procedure must be called once for each option setting:
FIGURE 2.42 Removing truncated menus
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