Managing Transactions, Locking, and Blocking in .NET

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If the signal is oversampled, then the resulting sequence of sample values is guaranteed to be cyclostationary. The actual channel estimate is then based on different correlation matrices of the received signal (for details, see Tong et al. [1994, 1995]). The use of higher order statistics does not require the applicability of cyclostationarity; however, its accuracy is usually much lower.
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You can also publish printers in Active Directory. You can search an enterprise for a printer that serves your purpose. Let s say you are looking for a printer that can print on both sides of the page and that has stapling capability. If the printer has been published in Active Directory, you can ask the directory to search for printers matching your speci cations, as illustrated in Figure 12-8. You can then look up the printer s manager or contact person and request access to the printer. This is great for large or widely dispersed organizations, where machine count can run into the hundreds or thousands.
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FIGURE 12.6 Creating a flexible subassembly
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What to Do
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A dongle is a hardware key that plugs into your computer, and allows software to run. In the past, dongles attached to the parallel port, but because many new computers do not have parallel ports, newer dongles are attached through the USB port. Non-U.S. licenses of SolidWorks require dongles.
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The Ubuntu workstation distribution uses only the GNOME desktop environment. Consequently, other Ubuntu distributions have been developed to offer customers a choice (because that s what Linux is all about). In addition to the main Ubuntu distribution, Ubuntu also supports specialized distributions that are based on the Ubuntu code base but that use alternative desktops:
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The exercises you just completed are examples of flexible layout; regardless of the size of your browser window, the columns flow to fill it. This is achieved by setting a width for the floating columns but leaving it unspecified for the other column. When a div s width isn t provided, its width stretches to the width of its containing element; in this case, it s the width of the window barring, of course, the margins placed on it to reveal the floating columns. But a common layout technique is the fixed layout; no matter what size your browser window, the page contents remain the same width. There are good arguments for going either way in your own site design, but changing your mind couldn t be easier. Because the width of elements is set to its containing element, you need only drop a container atop them. So, to make your three-column layout a fixed width, use the following code:
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Properties are cool because they can also implement code within the Get and Set identifiers, controlling what happens to the property when it is accessed or set. When a person's rank is set to Captain, for example, let's say you need to perform some special action, such as update the calendar for the big promotion celebration. You could modify the code to look like this: Class Class1 Private strRank as String Public Property Rank() as String Get Return strRank End Get Set (ByVal Value As String) strRank = value If value = "Captain" then 'Call the update calendar method 'Call the send-invitation method End If End Set End Property End Class This code is close enough to VB6 property syntax, which would look like this: Public Property Get Rank() As Variant End Property Public Property Let Rank(ByVal vNewValue As Variant) End Property The very major and important difference is the scope of properties declared in .NET. You cannot set the access modifier for the Get and Set to a different scope. In VB6, your class could contain a private property Let, which would allow only members in that class access to setting the value of that property. In .NET, Set and Get both need to be the same scope. This at first seems a little odd, but in the end, it will ensure that your application logic flows smoothly. And because this is a CLS issue, not a VB issue, it affects all languages in the CLR. To make your Rank property read-only, your code would look like this: Public ReadOnly Property Rank() As String Get Rank = strRank End Get End Property If you are an old-timer OO type, you are probably thinking that this is not OO programming. In OO, you use Getter and Setter method calls to set and retrieve variable values within a class. So in the Rank example, your code inside the class would look like this: Class Class1 Private Rank as String
and so
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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
@ with _at_. For example, joe@operation becomes joe_at_
which can be shown to be identical to the rst (exact) expression in Eq. (12.52) namely: BER = 1 1 2 1+ (12.86)
Unfold and Fold features
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