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names given to different elements within the domain tree will also mirror the company s nomenclature. The overall design should include a combination of domains and OUs. If the design dictates the use of multiple domains, there will be the mandatory root domain, followed by first-layer and second-layer domains. As a rule, the first-layer domains should represent geographic or geopolitical boundaries.
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<asp:label id="Label2" runat="server" Font-Size="X-Small" Font-Names="Verdana" visible="False"></asp:label></p>
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Figure 46-3 shows the Shared Data Source dialog window configured for the AdventureWorks database. Follow these steps to create a new shared data source:
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Check constraints are useful for ensuring the enforcement of general data-validation rules or simple business rules, such as confirming that a termination date is greater than or equal to the hire date, or that the hire date is greater than the birth date plus 18 years.
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use PERFORMANCE For best pattern performance, you shouldas is subassemblies as the patterned unit as much practical. Multiple patterns of individual components are not as efficient as a single pattern of multiple components. A single pattern of a single component, where the single component is itself a subassembly, is the best choice, if available. Another performance issue is the fact that component patterns require external references (for the direction or center of the pattern). These external references have the potential to increase rebuild times if you do not choose them carefully. Although you can experience possible performance problems with patterns, they can also significantly decrease the number of mates in an assembly, which always improves performance.
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1. Click the Tools button on the right side of the main menu.
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I remember when every company that made game controllers was tripping over itself to release driving wheel controllers. Racing games were popular on the PC back in the mid-1990s. These days, the release of a new title (Figure 24.10) is a rare occasion.
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Response time is the measure of how much time elapses between the ring of a computer event, such as a read request, and the system s response to the request. Response time increases as the load increases because the system is still responding to other events and does not have enough resources to handle new requests. A system that has insuf cient memory and/or processing ability will process a huge database sort a lot slower than a better-endowed system with faster hard disks and CPUs. If response time is not satisfactory, you will have to either work with less data or increase the resources.
24: Working with Tables and Drawings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 687
A service without a restart option might be restarted like this:
Working with Assemblies
The file should be root-owned and requires only read access by root (i.e., permissions set to 600) since it is only read by inetd.
Improving upon shared printers
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8 Save as a GIF file for use on your Web site.
define the language that you are going to use in the code using attributes. For this book, you always use language=VB, but you could also use language=C#. The other attribute that you need to make sure is within the script tag is the runat=server attribute. This attribute informs the ASP.NET processor that this script is processed on the server. The server-side code is within the <head> part of the code. This code is processed before the page is sent to the browser. Using VB .NET, you specify in the Page_Load subroutine that the PageLink's href attribute is equal to If you look further in the code, the <a> tag has the ID PageLink, and that is how the tag gets referenced. You also ensure that this tag is processed on the server by using the runat=server attribute. Note To reference any tag's attribute, reference the tag's ID, followed by a period and then by the attribute's name. The reference should be constructed in the following manner: IDName.Tag_Attribute. For example, to reference the href attribute in the <a> tag, it would be IDName.href, and to reference the target attribute in the same tag, it would be HTMLButton control The HTMLButton control allows access to program the HTML <button> tag. This is the tag used to place clickable buttons within HTML documents. The only event that you can program for this element is if someone clicks the button. For this, you can provide custom code for the ServerClick event. Listing 34-2 shows an example of how to control this tag programmatically. In this example, you use a little of what you learned from the HTMLAnchor control and build upon that. See Figure 34-3 to see how this example should appear in the browser. Listing 34-2: HTMLButton Control Example
FIGURE 7.51 Settings for the Dome feature
12.1.8 Relationships of Mobile Station and Network In the United States, each cellular mobile service area is covered by two competing CMNs, known as the A and the B network. The owner of a MS selects one of these as his service provider. The selected network is known as the home CMN of the mobile. When the MS operates in a location outside the service area of its home CMN, it can receive service from the A or B network that covers its current location. Also, when the mobile is in the service area of its home CMN and is unable to access the home CMN, it can access the competing CMN. When a mobile is receiving service from a CMN other than its home CMN, we say that the mobile is roaming and is served by a visited CMN.
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