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chaPtEr 5 Digital Memories: Using the Pictures Hub and Camera
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Use ISO settings above 1600 only if absolutely necessary.
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FIGURE 10.6 Autocorrelation function of the transmitted DSSS signal.
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Part II Manipulating Data with Select
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Use the following basic steps to create a data source view: 1. Add needed tables and named queries to a data source view. 2. Establish logical primary keys for tables without a primary key. 3. Establish relationships between related tables. 4. Annotate tables/columns with friendly names and calculations. Begin by creating the data source view via the wizard: Right-click on the Data Source Views folder and select the New option. There are several pages in the wizard: Select a Data Source: Choose one of the data sources to be included in this data source view. If more than one data source is to be included in the data source view, the first data source must be a SQL Server data source. Name Matching: This page will only appear when no foreign keys exist in the source database, providing the option of defining relationships based on a selection of common naming conventions. Matching can also be enabled via the NameMatchingCriteria property once the data source view has been created, identifying matches as additional tables added to an existing view. Select Tables and Views: Move tables to be included from the left (available objects) to the right (included objects) pane. To narrow the list of available objects, enter any part of a table name in the Filter box and press the Filter button. To add objects related to included objects, select one or more included objects and press the Add Related Tables button. This same dialog is used as the Add/Remove Tables dialog after the data source view has been created. Completing the Wizard: Specify a name for the data source view. Once the data source view has been created, more tables can be added by right-clicking in the diagram and choosing Add/Remove Tables. Use this method to include tables from other data sources as well. Similar to a SQL view, named queries can be defined, which behave as if they were tables. Either right-click on the diagram and choose New Named Query or right-click on a table and choose Replace Table/with New Named Query to bring up a Query Designer to define the contents of the named query. If the resulting named query will be similar to an existing table, it is preferable to replace that table because the Query Designer will default to a query that recreates the replaced table. Using named queries avoids the need to define views in the underlying data sources and allows all metadata to be centralized in a single model. As tables are added to the data source view, primary keys and unique indexes in the underlying data source are imported as primary keys in the model. Foreign keys and selected name matches (see Name Matching, above) are automatically imported as relationships between tables. For cases where primary keys or relationships are not imported, they must be defined manually.
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If you ve ever vacationed in a scenic spot, you ve probably engaged in an age-old ritual that s common to so many with a camera: you take a series of panoramic shots, moving from one side to the other, as you pan around to take in the entire view. The problem is, when you get home and copy those pictures to the computer, they re all disjointed, and it s not clear that they fit together at all. High-end photography tools like Photoshop have offered a way to stitch these photos back together again into a single very widescreen shot. And now Windows Live Photo Gallery offers this functionality as well. The trick, of course, is to find two or more shots that can be visually connected in this fashion. Once you ve done this, select them in Windows Live Photo Gallery, click the Make toolbar button, and choose Create Panoramic Photo from the drop-down menu that appears. Windows Live Photo Gallery will composite the photos and then prompt you to save the resulting combined image, using a standard Windows Save As dialog that s been renamed to Save panoramic stitch. Select a name and location for the resulting file and click the Save button to save the results. At this point, Windows Live Photo Gallery will commit the newly stitched photo to disk, leaving the originals as-is, and display the new photo, as shown in Figure 12-56. As you can see, the stitching effect is usually seamless. The one issue you ll have with stitched panoramic photos is that you will have to trim some excess black space in order to arrive at a normal, rectangular image. Just click the Fix toolbar button and then use the Crop photo tool in the Edit pane to do so.
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If you are already familiar with formatting an Excel-based BOM, then you will quickly get used to formatting the SolidWorks table-based BOM. Figure 24.6 shows the table unselected on the left and selected on the right. While it s selected, you have access to a full range of appearance and organization options through the RMB menu.
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Part I
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spoon# cd /home spoon# ufsrestore rvf /dev/rmt/0
Using the In Search Condition
as more people in your neighborhood sign up, access times go down. If there was ever a technology tailor-made for the early adopter, cable modem access is it!
Applets: Web-based applications that load via a web browser on a client
Seeing All the Commands
The MySQL Server Files
CONCLUSIONS rior of the sample for the study of shape, density and composition, e.g. in inclusions, interior pore structures, buried phases or other features within the sample. For CMT measurements the sample, in addition to being rastered, is also rotated over 180 through the incorporation of a sample rotation stage. A two-dimensional elemental distribution map in the horizontal sample plane can then be obtained using a reconstruction procedure based on ltered back projection. A systematic repetition of the process at other planes eventually reconstructs the entire three-dimensional image. Imaging is possible with the white spectrum as well as with monochromatic radiation (Larson et al., 2002). The technique is now in full development, with major applications being in inorganic matrix composites, transport phenomena in porous media, the study of calci ed tissues and fatigue cracks in materials (Stock, 1999; Maire et al., 2001). Techniques are being developed to speed up the measurement process, combining fast detector systems, high speed data networks and parallel computing systems to a few minutes (Wang et al., 2001). Major problems are the complexity (and length) of calculations when sample self-absorption is taken into account. In principle it is possible to combine XAS and CMT with -XRF. The complexity of XAS can be diminished by obtaining the uorescence or absorption information with two closely spaced excitation energies that are characteristic for the valence states of different ions in the sample (Yamamoto et al., 2000).
Save Options You can adjust the way PowerPoint saves presentations with the Save options. This tab controls the default file location for saving documents, and allows you to choose the default file format. You can disable AutoRecovery or adjust how often AutoRecovery automatically saves documents.
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Fig. 6.11 In Fig. 6.11, a circular wheel rolls inside a fixed circle of double its diameter. What is the path of a fixed point on the circumference of the rotating wheel
Typically, XML streams are used in .NET Framework AppDomains and to move data in service-oriented settings. Binary streams are most frequently used in scenarios where remoting between AppDomains is appropriate. Intimate knowledge of the data is necessary to serialize (i.e., meaningfully write to disk) a binary stream. The XML stream includes metadata information and can be serialized by any receiver that is able to manipulate XML.
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