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RF signals are subjected to short fades (decreases in received signal power), for example, when the MS moves through the RF shadow of a building or because
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A SCCP called party address (Par.1) can contain various combinations of PC, SSN, and/or GT. We now explore the reasons for global titles and GT translations. A subsystem in a network is uniquely identi ed by the combination of the point code PC of its signaling point and its SSN at that point. If a SCCP message has a PC SSN called party address, the MTPs along the message path then use PC to route the message to its destination signaling point, and the SCCP at this point delivers it to the subsystem speci ed by SSN. For example, in Fig. 15.3-1, a SCCP message with called party address PC c, SSN r is delivered to subsystem R800 in database C. A global title is a functional address of a subsystem in an exchange or database. The reason for these functional addresses is illustrated with the example of Fig. 15.3-1.
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Applied regions: o Region 1 o Region 2 o Region 3 o Region 4 V
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The second method of globalizing forms is to use the built-in properties of the Windows Forms Designer. This method requires less work- but its behavior is a little inconsistent. 1. To start- you need to create a new Windows Forms application. After the application is loaded- add two labels to the default form. You can leave the default properties for everything.
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It is sometimes useful to slow down the code to check for locks or contention. The waitfor command can pause the code for a specified time. When the following batch executes, the output from the batch is displayed after a two-second pause:
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The first step in running a simple analysis is to assign a material. The list of materials for COSMOSXpress is limited, compared to the full product. Once you have made your selection, click Apply. Figure 11.21 shows some of the materials selection.
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When you plug in a compatible camera (via USB) or memory card (via a memory card reader), the Windows 7 Auto Play function will kick in by default, asking you what you d like to do. Confusingly, there are two relevant options here: Import photos and videos using Windows and Import photos and videos using Windows Live Photo Gallery. The question of course is which one should you use You should use the Windows Live Photo Gallery version. That s because this importer includes one very important feature that is missing from the Windows 7 import option: it enables you to organize and group imported pictures and videos according to when they were taken. With Windows 7, everything you import is dumped into a single folder at the time of import, regardless of when the pictures were taken. Beyond that, they both work similarly, but with two other minor differences:
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6 Photo Subjects
With Internet Information Services fully integrated into the Windows Server 2008 operating systems, clients can connect to the print server s printers via the HTTP protocol if IIS is installed and started. Upon connecting to a logical printer share on the server, the server automatically updates the client with the necessary printer driver. This is a wonderful service for large intranets and service bureaus a print manager with a are for HTML can customize the pages for each printer, publishing its features, connection parameters, usage requests, and so on.
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The Copy Settings Wizard
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