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Sensitivity of a Receiver
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The GIMP Image Editor
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The Windows Vista Interface
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ColumnClick (Public Instance Event)
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The reason for the error shown in Figure 32.10 is that even though the rib sketch intersects the edge of the part, the width of the top of the rib would go past the edge and not intersect anything. One way to deal with this is to make the sketch intersect the part a little closer to the center of the part from the edge. Another way would be to put a short vertical line at the end of the rib.
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Part I: Surviving Setup
Note 1: Zm is the original impedance to be matched. Note 2: In the title of circuit topology, first part marked with subscript 1 is connected to original impedance to be matched and second part marked with subscript 2 is connected to reference impedance, 50 . Note 3: Subscript P stands for in parallel and subscript S stands for in series.
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The first T-SQL method is a common solution, but the performance it offers is poor compared to the other methods and I don t recommend it. However, it is still useful to understand the requirements of creating a crosstab query result set. The basic idea is that a subquery is executed for every instance of every measure for every pivoted group by column. To walk though this query, visualize each row from the select statement. The first column is the category from the RawData table. The South, NorthEast, Midwest, and West columns are all correlated subqueries that sum() the Amount column filtered by the region and the row s category. If the crosstab query had 1,000 rows and a crosstab column for every week of the year, SQL Server would execute 52,000 subqueries with this method.
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