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1. To illustrate the impact of diversity, we look at the average BER for BPSK and MRC, given approximately by Eq. (13.35). Assume that the average SNR is 20 dB. (a) Calculate the average BER for Nr = 1 receive antennas. (b) Calculate the average BER for Nr = 3 receive antennas. (c) Calculate the SNR that would be required in a one-antenna system in order to achieve the same BER as a three-antenna system at 20 dB. 2. Assume a situation where we have the possibility of adding one or two extra antennas, with uncorrelated fading, to an RX operating in a Rayleigh-fading environment. The two diversity schemes under consideration are RSSI-driven selection diversity or MRC diversity. (a) Assume that the important performance requirement is that the instantaneous Eb /N0 cannot be below some xed value more than 1% of the time (1% outage). Determine the required fading margin for one, two, and three antennas with independent Rayleigh fading and the corresponding diversity gains for the two- and three-antenna cases when using RSSIdriven selection diversity and MRC diversity. (b) Assume that the important performance requirement is that the average BER is 10 3 (when using BPSK). Determine the required average Eb /N0 for one, two, and three antennas with independent Rayleigh fading and the corresponding diversity gains for the twoand three-antenna cases when using RSSI-driven selection diversity and MRC diversity. (c) Perform (a) and (b) again, but with 10% outage in (b) and an average BER of 10 2 in (c). Compare the diversity gains with the ones obtained earlier and comment on the differences!
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The open-circuited voltage gain Av,CC is in the case when ZL , then, Av, CC = vo = vi 1 . ( Re + rb ) ( r + rb + j C rb rb ) 1+ Re rb( o + 1 + j C rb ) (12.204) (12.203)
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9 Click Add. 0 To delete an automatic correction, find
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When you have multi-sheet drawings, it is often important to have a simplified or specialized format for the second sheet. Figure 20.19 shows sample page-one and page-two formats side by side.
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21: Managing E mail and Contacts
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The View section also allows you to select which Evolution product to view (email, address book, calendar, memos, or task list), which window bars to display, whether to display the Message Preview pane, and how to display messages. The View options allow you to customize the look of your Evolution desktop to suit your needs. You can change the sort method for the message list on the fly to organize your messages however you want. Folder: Manages folders on the local workstation. You can create a new folder, copy or move messages to folders, subscribe to IMAP folders on the server, and modify or delete folders. Message: Offers individual message-handling functions, such as reply and forward, copy or move to another folder, compose a new message, or view an existing message. Search: Allows you to search messages for words or phrases. Help: Provides links to the Evolution manual, a quick reference guide, and online help and bug reporting.
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FigurE 10-14: Messages from your contacts are often adorned with a contact card picture.
Some of the techniques outlined previously, such as face and feature selection, can be useful for quickly filleting a large number of edges. Another method that still selects a large number of edges, but is not as intuitive as the others, is window selection of the edges. To use this option effectively, you may want to first position the model into a view where only the correct edges will be selected, turn off the Select Through Faces option, and use the Edges Selection filter.
The satellite service industry s reputation for customer service is decidedly earthbound,
The input impedance network is an LC arm, in which two parts, LS,in and CS,I, are connected in series. The output impedance matching network consists of one branch and one arm . The branch is built by three parts, LP,out, CP,out , RP,out , which are connected in parallel, while the arm is built by two parts, CS,out and LS,out, which are connected in series. As discussed in 11, either the arm or branch is a special part, which is effectively applied in the wide-band impedance matching network. Readers are encouraged to read 11 about wide-band impedance matching so as to understand more schemes on wide-band impedance matching. Figure 1.42 shows its performance: 13.0 dB < S21 < 14.3 dB, S21 = 14.0 dB, 26.2 dB < S11 < 15.9 dB, S11 = 25.5 dB, 33.2 dB < S22 < 11.9 dB, S22 = 33.1 dB, when 3.696 < f < 4.224 GHz, when f = 3.960 GHz, f = 3.960 GHz, f = 3.960 GHz. when 3.696 < f < 4.224 GHz, when when 3.696 < f < 4.224 GHz, when (1.169) (1.170) (1.171) (1.172) (1.173) (1.174)
Thus, IX(z)I is finite if z(n)r-" is absolutely summable. 0 The inverse z-transform is given by
7: The OpenOffice Suite
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