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long times and high drain voltages. 37 ,38 There are several reasons for this apparent saturation. Once the trapped charge in the localized damage region has sufficiently shifted the local threshold, the charge above the drain junction no longer significantly affects the characteristics, the channel shortening effect stops, and the device current saturates. However, the device current does not saturate completely. Brox et al. 39 showed that if the damage were to be plotted on a linear-logarithmic scale, the resultant plot would show a straight-line behavior. This straight-line behavior was
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TABLE 13.4-5 Information Elements in the Uplink Direct Transfer Message IE CN domain identity Message authentication code Message type NAS message RRC message sequence number RRC transaction identi er
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3: Installing Ubuntu
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trapped and would, consequently, decrease the interface state creation. The decrease in the gate voltage damage at very low gate voltage stressing 52' 121 would also support this. No conclusive experiment has been performed to indicated which of the approaches is correct. It is possible that all three contribute. In the case of electron trapping, the presence of hydrogen in the NH 3 nitridation process is thought to be responsible for the increased electron trapping seen in both n-MOS and p-MOS transistors. Studies of the p-MOS hot-carrier hardness for RNOs show that although there is considerable loss of hot-carrier hardness (to electron trapping), 122 the reoxidation step reduces the susceptibility of the dielectric to trapping. However, considerable reoxidation times are required to achieve this, and the oxide is still inferior to pure oxides for low gate voltage stressing in p-channel devices. The nitridation of the oxide does not come without a price. Table 6.2 shows the effects on the transistor performance of the degree of nitridation (based on a similar table by Momose et al. 10 ). It can be seen that, to choose the best RNO conditions, a balance of the various deleterious effects has to be made. This balance consists in trading off increased mobility degradation, increased fixed-hole traps (Qx), and increased initial interface state density against hot-carrier hardness. From the hotcarrier point of view, the gain in n-MOS HC hardness has to be balanced by the decreased hot-carrier hardness of the p-MOS transistors. Consequently, a nitrogen concentration exists in which the process is optimized for both performance and hotcarrier hardness. Momose et al. suggest that this is at approximately 1 at.%, 110 represented by the ellipse in Table 6.2. N2 0 A solution to the problem of the presence of hydrogen can be found in the oxidation in a nitrous oxide ambient (N20). N2 0-grown oxides offer a method of adding nitrogen to the oxide, without adding hydrogen. This method, developed initially by Kwong and co-workers,nt3 involves the addition of nitrogen to the interface during the oxidation process, as opposed to after the oxide has been grown. The result is an oxide that has nitrogen distributed throughout the oxide, 118 although growing oxide in N20 through an RTO process results in an oxide with nitrogen peaked at the Si-SiO2 interface.11 8 This process also results in lower nitrogen concentrations than with RNO but does not suffer the increased electron trapping that the RNOs show. The effect is to increase the hot-carrier hardness of both the nMOS and p-MOS hot-carrier properties (Fig. 6.26), although the n-MOS increase in hot-carrier hardness is not as large as is seen with NH 3 nitridation. Following the work of Okada et al.,14 who showed that the active ingredient in the N20 oxidation process was nitric oxide (NO), NO itself is now also used as the gaseous species. The result was an increase in nitrogen at the interface plus the increased beneficial hot-carrier hardness resulting from a higher N dose in the 14 oxide. 1 Pre- and Postoxidation Introduction of Nitrogen Three further methods are briefly mentioned here. The first is the introduction of nitrogen into the silicon before oxidation. In this method, an implant of nitrogen is
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A number of options are available to you for improving the Windows Vista experience. Don t feel that you have to use Windows Vista straight out of the box or that the default configuration is necessarily best tailored to your computer. Using some of the features included with Windows Vista Ultimate, as well as some of the newly available third-party tweak applications, you can create a Vista experience that takes advantage of your computer specificities. Riskier options are also available, such as modifying the Windows registry; however, this modification comes at a potentially great risk and should really only be performed by advanced Windows users. Remember, if you mistakenly change or delete a key or value, you could potentially cause irreparable damage to your computer. I recommend using a combined approach: Use your preferred third-party tweaking tool in conjunction with the various tools provided by Windows Vista, such as the defragmentation tool or health reports.
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28: Employing Master Model Techniques
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Additionally, Windows 7 actually lets you boot your PC using a VHD instead of the native Windows 7 environment you ve installed on the physical disk. This capability is obviously more useful in server environments, where you might want a virtual environment to run more efficiently at certain times. But it s an interesting and unique capability on the desktop as well. It requires tools that are available on the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK), and it is documented on Paul Thurrott s SuperSite for Windows at
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Applet Inhibit Applet Invest
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Resizing the cross break to 13.9
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15: PHP Introduction
Figure 20-35: What happens InPrivate stays InPrivate.
Part III
Part I: Getting Started with WordPress
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Server-Side Development
with k and E connected through (4.52)
Part II: Working with Plugins
HSDPA High Data Rate Systems The HSDPA high data rate system of the GSM Evolution family has the following features: High-speed shared channels and short transmission time interval (TTI) Fast scheduling and user diversity Higher order modulation Fast link adaptation These features are explained in the following paragraphs. High-Speed Shared Channels and Short TTI. HSDPA uses high-speed shared data channels called high-speed downlink shared channels (HS-DSCH). Up to 15 of these can operate in the 5 MHz WCDMA radio channel. Each uses a xed spreading factor of 16. User transmissions are assigned to one or more of these channels for a short TTI of 2 ms, which is signi cantly less than the interval
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