Figure 43-2: Snowflake dimension in .NET

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Understanding the BackPress facilities
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Undoubtedly, a minority of SQL Server shops will never enable the CLR. In contrast, some shops will use only CLR programmed components at the database. Neither option is well considered when performance and scalability are fundamental objects of the software being produced. For most shops, the initial movement into CLT integration will provide the greatest return rate through the transposition of existing problematic user-defined functions and stored procedures into better-performing CLR equivalents. That s not to say that a poorly designed database component can be transformed into a poorly written CLR object and all will be well. Good optimization practices and performance monitoring remain fundamental to good database design. Inadequate design notwithstanding, a handful of obvious existing problems will provide low-hanging fruit for conversion to CLR-based objects: Existing COM extended stored procedures place the stability of the entire database server at risk. User-defined extended stored procedures should be considered top-priority candidates for conversion to CLR integrated components. The OLE automation stored procedures have almost as long and notorious a reputation as extended stored procedures for poor error handling, slow performance, memory leaks, and obscurity between the T-SQL layer and the underlying COM environment. The code safety of managed code is an unquestionably attractive alternative to the sp_OA... stored procedures. Complex business rules and computationally intensive logic in existing stored procedures and functions may be able to benefit from the advantages of compiled code and streaming fast-forward table-valued functions. Array processing at the database server is now possible, as are compiled business-rule-based bucketing aggregations. Complex business rules and computationally intensive logic currently done by moving large data sets across the wire for processing at the middle tier will be able to process that data at the database server, thereby capitalizing on reduced network I/O patterns. Existing successful applications that have felt the pain of even relatively simple inline user-defined functions when used in the where clause of a range query that involves many rows will be able to perform almost as well as systems functions provided they do not require data access. Parameterized list processing also known as tabular cracking and other string manipulation and validation operations that currently require iteration and often many lines of code to process a string can be easily and efficiently processed within CLR database types using .NET string data type members and the powerful REGEX (e.g., regular expressions) class. Security and server stability are at risk when T-SQL is used to access the file system, network resources, or other external data providers through OLEDB interfaces or command-line services. The CLR security model (CAS) affords a valuable layer of security abstraction between the SQL Server and the outside world because it is code based, rather than user based. As an added justification and benefit of using CLR components to interface the SQL and external resources, the CLR provides multiple elegant methods for producing a tabular output usable within the Database Engine from non-tabular data.
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Figure 4-44: If you mouse over a taskbar thumbnail, Aero Peek will hide the other windows and display just the one window represented by the thumbnail.
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12. In the End Hole Specification panel, make sure that you select the Hole rather than the Tap option, as well as the Auto Size Based on Start Hole option. This is shown to the right in Figure 17.36. When this step is complete, click the OK button (the green check mark icon).
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The first time you run CPAN, you ll go through a configuration dialog. If you select to try automatic configuration, the CPAN module attempts to select the settings it can detect from your environment. When it finishes, you ll get the cpan> prompt, as shown in Figure 26-1.
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Nonblocking PBX.
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Towards the Semantic Web
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those at the bottom. Mark Rubino, a former student of mine who works with Pyles, has discovered situations in which increasing a hurdle raises the performance of some but actually causes others to give up and slack off. Mark calls these two groups the Strivers and the Divers. Compare Figure 11.1a to Figure 11.1b, in which the incentive plan pulls the distribution in two directions at once. And of course the incentive program is a multidimensional problem, says Pyles. You may need different types of incentives for selling different products. You need specialists for lling in holes in the product space. Needless to say, he does not try to manage the nonexistent average employee. print barcode 128
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Sketched line
File Explorer
Using notes Using blocks
There s little need to walk you through each and every feature here. Instead, in the Secret box that follows, we will highlight options that are new to Windows 7, those options that contain unlikely benefits, and the options you should absolutely consider changing.
Making backups
8: Network Applications
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