Part V Business Intelligence in .NET

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The syntax for creating profiles uses very simple keyword/value pairs. The number of options available, on the other hand, is substantial. Table 6.4 provides a description of each keyword along with examples of possible values.
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Wi-Fi Network Security
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9. (Optional) Type in a message in the text box provided.
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TITO (Tuned Input and Tuned Output) Oscillator
Part IV
trees this is not true. If a two-way trust is desired, one must be explicitly created and therefore agreed upon by the administrative staff of both trees. This situation is ideal for certain partnership arrangements and adds an extra level of security. Kerberos v5 is still used as the primary method of authentication. It is possible to have two distinct forests joined by a trust relationship. In this type of arrangement, the schema and the GC retain separate information databases, and querying across the two forests is not possible. An arrangement such as this is uncommon and serves little purpose in managing resources on a global level. The creation of a Forest of Trees makes integrating two separate networks a cinch and provides a seamless communication mechanism. It also beats the alternative, having to reinstall one or the other network, or managing a complicated trust arrangement. The use of trees and forests in Windows 2000 provides a vehicle to logically arrange network resources in a meaningful way and allow the unity of disjointed systems. These new features will certainly weigh favorably in the eyes of large conglomerated organizations (see Figure 13.3) that are searching for a way to unify all corporate networks or sites under one umbrella.
respectively. The re ectivity R is given by R = r r. Figure 3.1.1 shows the re ectivity for s and p polarizations calculated for ( 2 , 2 ) = (0.2, 0.1) and (0.01, 0.001) when n1 = 1 (vacuum). The
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