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power conversion ef ciencies ( 19%) among the chalcopyrite family. However, for the TFT application described above, it has been desirable to keep lm thicknesses very thin ( 10 nm). For solar cell devices, much thicker lms are required for the CIGS layer ( 1 m) in order to absorb a large fraction of the incident solar radiation. Deposition of such thick lms using the solutionbased process requires the transport of a substantial quantity of decomposition products throughout the volume of the deposited lm to the lm/environment interface, therefore leading to potential issues with lm density, homogeneity,
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Possibly we might use individual scales si, and even more generally, we might use different functions pz and gZfor different observations. Note that (7.41) can be viewed as a robustized version of the cross product of the residual vector r with the kth column vector of X: the residuals ri have been replaced by metrically Winsorized versions $ ( r z / s ) . It may be tempting to modify not only the residual vector r in (7.41), but also the column vectors x.j, in order to gain robustness also with regard to errors in the coefficients X Q . There are several obvious proposals for doing so; in the end, they all seem to amount to modifying the carrier matrix in such a way that the diagonal elements hi of the hat matrix are made small. While they may look plausible, they hitherto lack a sound theoretical underpinning. Conceivably they might do more harm (by introducing bias) than good. We obtain R-estimates of regression if we minimize, instead of (7.38), (7.42) Here Ri is the rank of ri in ( T I ! . . . ! r,), and a, (.) is some monotone scores function satisfying C ,a,(i) = 0 [see Jaeckel (1972)l. Note, however, that these estimates are unable to estimate an additive main effect and thus do not contain estimates of location as particular cases. On the contrary, the additive main effect has to be estimated by applying an estimate of location to the residuals. If we differentiate (7.42), which is a piecewise linear convex function of 0, we obtain the following approximate equalities at the minimum: barcode reader code 128
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The most simple determination of the angle of incidence can be obtained by a Fourier transform of the signal vector r. This gives the directions of arrival i with an angular resolution that is determined by the size of the array, approximately 2 /Nr . The advantage of this method is its simple implementability (requiring only a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)); the drawback is its small resolution. More exactly, the angular spectrum PBF ( ) is given as PBF ( ) = ( )Rrr ( ) ( ) ( ) (8.38)
The /etc/shadow file is a secure file where Ubuntu stores the actual user account password, along with some other information about the account. Just like the /etc/passwd file, the /etc/shadow file contains a separate line for each user account. A sample line from the /etc/shadow file looks like this:
The A700 can use either a CompactFlash card or a Memory Stick Duo card. This menu choice is where you tell the camera which one to use. The default is CompactFlash.
FIGURE 21.2 The Model View PropertyManager
receive calls when such a SIM is plugged in and activated.15 All calls that are made from the MS are billed to the subscriber whose SIM is plugged in. Furthermore, the MS only receives calls going to the number of the SIM owner. This makes it possible for the subscriber to easily replace the MS, or even rent one for a short time. As the SIM is of fundamental importance for billing procedures, it has to have several security mechanisms. The following information is saved on it: Permanent security information: this is de ned when the subscriber signs a contract with the operator. It consists of the IMSI, the authentication key, and the access rights. Temporary network information: this includes the TMSI, location area, etc. Information related to the user pro le: e.g., the subscriber can store his/her personal phonebook on the SIM in this way the phonebook is always available, independent of the MS the subscriber uses. The SIM can be locked by the user. It is unlocked by entering the Personal Unblocking Key (PUK). If a wrong code is entered ten times, the SIM is nally blocked and cannot be reactivated. Removing the SIM and then plugging it into the same or another MS does not reset the number of wrong trials. This blocking mechanism is an important security feature in case of theft. The Personal Identi cation Number (PIN) serves a similar function as the PUK. The user may activate the PIN function, so that the SIM requests a four-digit key every time an MS is switched on. In contrast to the PUK, the PIN may be altered by the user. If a wrong PIN is entered three times, the SIM is locked and may be unlocked only by entering the PUK.
The track selection process is quite simple; you can use the categories in the library at the left of the burn interface to find the desired artist or album. Alternatively, you can use the search box at the top of the window to search. You can enter a letter or series of letters, and corresponding matches appear on the fly, as shown in Figure 17.13. This feature is called the word wheel and is new to Windows Vista and its applications.
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