Part V Business Intelligence in .NET

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The command retrieves the phpMyAdmin package, along with any dependencies required to install it on your Ubuntu server. During the installation, apt-get provides a dialog box asking which web server to install phpMyAdmin for. Select the apache2 web server option. 3. Close the command-line interface. 4. Open a browser and navigate to the phpMyAdmin tool. Ubuntu installs the phpMyAdmin tool outside of the document root area of the Apache web server, but it creates an alias pointing to the location. This enables you to connect to the phpMyAdmin tool using the URL:
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Another way I like to use grep is in combination with the ps command. This one lets you view the active processes on the system; if you want to know whether your SSH server software is running, ps is one way to find out. All you have to do is invoke the command (with the appropriate switches: aux selects every process by every user on the system) and then channel the output through grep:
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We can see that quite a bit more information is returned with any specified.
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String Operator
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22.4.8 Impact of Node Mobility
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Figure 7.5.6 Outline of the automatic evaluation of the single-particle TW-EPMA data
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The Cons of the DAO Pattern
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FIGURE 10.8 Creation and placement of the derived config
1 The Information Architecture Principle
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STJ detector was about 44 MeV/nucleon. The time width of the obtained time spectrum was about 1.7 ns, which merely corresponded to the time resolution of the data acquisition system.
Client-Side Development
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