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23.1 THERMAL NOISE The noise at the RF receiver determines the obtainable range of a communication system and the data rate that can be supported. The noise comes from two sources: 1. thermal noise radiating from all objects in the receiving antenna s eld of view and 2. noise generated by the rst few components in the receiver. Random electrical signals, called noise, exist in all communication systems. This noise interferes with the information carrying signals and ultimately determines the range of the communication system. At frequencies below the RF band, the major source of noise is man made and is due to electrical motor brushes, auto ignitions, and uorescent light ballasts. In the RF frequency range these sources of noise are small, because it is dif cult to generate RF. In the RF, microwave, and millimeter wavebands the major source of noise is due to the random motion of electrons that occurs in all matter. Every object in the antenna s eld of view such as foliage, buildings, vehicles, and people contain electrons, which are moving randomly. This noise is called thermal noise; as its name suggests, its magnitude depends solely on the temperature of the source. This thermal noise is independent of frequency and is equal to kTB, where k is the Boltzmann noise constant, which is a physical constant; T is the absolute temperature of the surroundings, which is 0 K at 22738C; and B is the RF bandwidth of the system. Regardless of the actual temperature of the surroundings, the noise temperature is almost always assumed to be 293 K (208C) for noise calculations. (The only exception is for satellite and deep space probe calculations where the antenna is looking at the cool sky, and in these cases the temperature is about 158C cooler.) At a temperature of 293 K, the noise power density (kT) is 2114 dBm/MHz. The noise power density is sometimes quoted as 2174 dBm/Hz, which will give the same answer for the total noise power, as long as the system bandwidth is speci ed in Hertz. In a 2 MHz bandwidth, the thermal noise is 2114 dBm 3 dB 2111 dBm. In a 25 MHz bandwidth, the thermal noise is 2114 dBm 14 dB 2100 dBm. In a 0.1 MHz (100 kHz) bandwidth, the thermal noise is 2114 dBm 2 10 dB 2124 dBm.
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"(" & Me.MousePosition.X.ToString & _ ", " & Me.MousePosition.Y.ToString & ")") End If End Sub Listing 26-4 demonstrates using the CausesValidation property. This listing contains only portions of the code in the project. The code displayed shows the setting of some of the control's properties, and you see two routines and two functions. The two routines handle the validating event, and the two functions are generic methods by which text in a textbox can be determined to be numeric only or alpha only. Listing 26-4: Using the CausesValidation Property
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Fluorescent Antibodies
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n Graphic Equalizer: This 10-band equalizer lets you adjust different frequencies of the sound, so you can increase or decrease bass, treble, or midranges. Clicking the Default item, opens a menu of a whole bunch of presets; or you can tweak the settings manually as you please.
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Extruded features can be grouped into several categories, with extruded Boss and Cut features at the highest level. Boss and Cut are two separate feature types and cannot be interchanged. Sketches may be shared between features or reused after a feature has been deleted. The Base part of the Extruded Boss/Base is a holdover from when SolidWorks did not allow multibody parts, and the first feature in a part had special significance that it no longer has. This is also seen in the menus at Insert Boss/Base. The Base feature was the first solid feature in the FeatureManager, and you could not change it without deleting the rest of the features. The introduction of multibody support in SolidWorks has removed this limitation.
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With the reduction of gate lengths to deep submicrometer dimensions, the problem of the quality of the gate oxide and its interface with the silicon substrate has been of increasing concern in the fabrication of CMOS devices. This is due to what is called the hot-carrier effect (HCE). The HCE arises from the lateral field between the source and drain of the MOSFET (Fig. 6.1). At the pinchoff point of the transistor, toward the drain junction edge, the electric field start to rise rapidly. This rise in electric field causes the carriers to gain energy from the field, thus increasing the average energy of electrons in n-MOSFET channels and of holes in p-MOSFET channels. In addition, scattering processes ensure not only that some carriers have energies lower than average but that some have higher than average energies. Highenergy carriers in the tail of the energy distribution, which can be approximated by a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, are often referred to as "hot carriers." When sufficient numbers of carriers gain sufficient energy to create impact-ionized electron-hole pairs, the fraction of the carriers that gain this energy is given by
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In this example, Certificate was clicked.
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Creating a Vertical Navigation List (continued)
When you create a Web application in Visual Studio .NET, it makes a number of different files. One of these files is the Styles.css file that you see in Listing 39-2. This listing contains part of the code in Styles.css. Listing 39-2: Default Styles.css
Using General Tables
5: Where s My Stuff Finding and Organizing Files
This feature allows you to control the mouse clicking without pressing any buttons.
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