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Implementing High Availability: Eliminating Single Points of Failure
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FIGURE 2-1 The MMC serves as a framework for a wide variety of administrative tools.
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Figure 4-42: From here, you can customize certain taskbar features.
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FIGURE 21.1 The View palette
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ACRONYMS Authentication, authorization, and accounting Application server Asynchronous transfer mode CSRC count Canonical name Contributing source Domain name system Department of Defense End system Fully quali ed domain name Gatekeeper Gateway Header High-Level Data Link Control Hypertext Transfer Protocol Identity Internet Engineering Task Force Internet Protocol Intermediate system Integrated Services Digital Network International Standards Organization ISDN User Part International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector of ITU Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 Layer 5 Layer 6 Layer 7 Local area network Logical link control Marker Medium access control Multipoint control unit Media gateway Media gateway controller Message Transfer Part
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SAPWD=Password Defines the System Administrator (SA) password when using mixed mode security. SSE requires a strong password. SAVESYSDB=[0 | 1] Determines whether Setup saves the system databases during an uninstall. You typically use this parameter when you plan to update to a newer version of SQL Server.
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1 m 0 50 X-Ray energy (keV) 100
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Part VI
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D j =1
FIGURE 31.16 A foot plate added to the weldment
When you play the animation, it looks jerky, and not very smooth. When the MotionManager interpolates between key points, either for changing views or part positions, the default interpolation mode is linear. That means that it changes between points at a constant speed. This creates the jerkiness because the motion starts and stops abruptly. To remedy this, MotionManager offers several interpolation modes. Right-click one of the key points that you have created, and select Interpolation modes at the bottom of the list that appears. Another menu flies out, as shown in Figure 33.10.
TABLE 3.6 Variant
Structure of timeslots in the Global System for Mobile communications.
Part VII
And some of those practices included parties where sexual favors were expected. The president was quoted as telling employees, You have 24 hours in a day 8 to work, 8 to play, and 8 to sleep. 2 Allen s move was so repugnant that public pressure finally stopped the terminations.
Viewer window: Displays the final scanned image and provides some rudimen-
33 Public: Everything you do what Microsoft calls your activities is available publicly on Windows Live, even to those people with whom you have no formal relationship. Furthermore, anyone can find you by searching on Windows Live and can view your profile. I m not a privacy nut, but I don t recommendprofile. I mInot a privacy nut, but and can view your choosing don t recommend choosing this setting, unless, of course, you re a reverse voyeur. (They re out there.) unless, of course, you re a reverse v settingthis setting , there.),
backup time window (12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. by default); how much time to retain monthly, weekly, and daily backups; and so on. Passwords: Windows Home Server requires very strong passwords by default, because malicious hackers accessing the server over the Web could gain control over the system, and thus over all of your valuable files and, potentially, other PCs on your network if they were able to brute-force attack their way past a weak password. That said, you can change the password policy here if desired. We don t recommend it.
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