Part IV Enterprise Data Management in .NET

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Figure 5.27 Transconductance versus gate voltage for two silicon film thicknesses. The energy levels corresponding to the transconductance humps are indicated [E0 corresponds to the first subband (m* = mine); El, to the second subband (m* = mi); Et, to the first subband
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Rich s Take: Don t think of font selection and size as a last-minute detail or something that your visitors are solely responsible for through their browser preferences. The visual appeal of your text is an important design consideration and can make or break the look of your Web site. Consider, for example, the Before and After pictures to the right. Simply changing the font-family and font-size of the body text is the primary agent of change in this makeover.
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Figure 17-6: Use Management Studio s Foreign Key Relationships form to create or modify declarative referential integrity (DRI). Within a T-SQL script, you can declare foreign-key constraints by either including the foreignkey constraint in the table-creation code or applying the constraint after the table is created. After the column definition, the phrase foreign key references, followed by the primary table, and optionally the column(s), creates the foreign key, as follows:
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This chapter introduced you to some of the object-oriented features in Visual Basic .NET. You can write code that can be reused in multiple applications by carefully designing your applications using the OO techniques you learned here. By using OO design, your code is easier to maintain and debug. In the samples you created in this chapter, each class can be thoroughly tested and debugged on its own, and when the classes are inherited by other classes, you know that they will work. This is your first step in writing solid, reusable code
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The box model
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If you re like me, you like your computer to be quiet. In fact, if it weren t for the fact that most fanless PC designs tend to melt down (like the old DEC VAXmate), I d get a PC with no fan at all. (The Macintosh people love to point to the G4 cube, but it s a little pricey and not too easy to work on. Having said that, I love its silent operation and wish it were a PC!) For this reason, I m a big fan of power supplies with variable-speed fans. One of the computers I use regularly is an HP Kayak workstation, which has two variable-speed fans. As things heat up, the fans go faster, so you don t have to endure the extra noise unless the computer needs the fan speed. Variable-speed fans are usually an extra-cost option. But what price do you put on your nerves
If the information panel isn t visible, click the Info button on the toolbar.
where is the wavelength. and are given by re 2 = 2 Nj f1j
Note that the rst character in each line of code is the backslash (\). This character denotes that the character following it is the escape code. You could use a character such as the @ sign as the escape code signi er (such as @E). The Windows Server 2008 escape codes are as follows: \B\M Text is printed in double-width blocks until \U. \B\S Text is printed in single-width blocks until \U. \E Page eject. \Hn Initiates a control sequence for which n is a hex code for the target printer (see the printer manual). \Fpath Prints the contents of a le at path. \I Job number. \Lxxx Prints the characters in x following the escape code. \n Skips n lines (zero moves to the next line). \N Switches a dual-language HP printer to PCL mode printing. \T Time the job was printed. \U Turns off block character printing. \Wnn Width of the separator page in characters.
Completing the Delegation Wizard.
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