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12. Unpack the Wireless Access Point (WAP; see Figure 7.13). Now technically, you don t need one of these guys to run an 802.11b network; you can let the computers talk to each other in ad hoc mode, which you set using the adapter s configuration utility. However, the access point gives you a lot more range in terms of physical distance. For example, if you can place the WAP roughly in the middle of the PCs you re connecting, the maximum distance of 100m applies to the WAP-to-PC distance, not the PC-to-PC distance. The WAP can also make it a lot easier to connect your network to the Internet, because the WAP typically has a wired-Ethernet port on it that you can hook up directly to a DSL router. And you ll need a WAP to connect your wireless cell to a traditional wired network, if one already exists. 13. Plug in the WAP and place it so that it s well within range of the notebook computer, preferably in the same room.
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different such sequences, where i = 16 and j = 15. However, the 15 different 256-chip SSCs of Figure 1.40 must be constructed so that their cyclic shifts are also unique, since these sequences haveto be uniquely recognised before synchronisation. other words, none In of the cyclic shifts of the 64 required 15 x 256 = 3840-chip sequences can be identical to any of the other sequences cyclic shifts. Provided that these conditions are satisfied, the 15 specific 256-chip secondary SCH sequences can be recognised within one 10 ms-radio frame-duration of 15 slots. Thus, both slot and frame synchronisation can be established within the particular 10 ms frame received. Using this technique, initial cell identification and synchronisation can carried out in the following three basic steps. be Step 1: The MS uses the 256-chip PSC of Figure 1.40 to perform cross-correlation with all the received Primary SCHsof the BSs in its vicinity. The BS with the highest correlator output is then chosen, which constitutes the best cell site associated with the lowest pathloss. Several periodiccorrelator output peakshave to be identified in order to achieve ahigh BS detection reliability, despite the presence of high-level interference. Slot synchronisation is also achieved in this step by recognising the 15 consecutive cp sequences, providing 15 periodic correlation peaks. Step 2: Once the best cell site is identified, the primary scrambling code subset of that cell site is found by cross-correlating the Secondary SCH with the 16 possible SSCs in each of the 15 time-slots of Figure 1.40. This can be easily implemented using 16 correlators, since the
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You should make in-context references between parts where there is no relative motion. The parts themselves can move relative to the rest of the assembly, but they should remain stationary relative to one another. The parts should also be fully defined to ensure that they will not move; you should not simply count on avoiding dragging underdefined parts.
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Processes with Finite Energy. If we assume that the process z ( t ) has finite energy, an average energy density spectrum can be derived from the Wigner-Ville spectrum as
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0 E = EIn + RT 3F ln [ In 3+ ] = 0.342 + 0.0197 log [ In 3+ ]
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Navigates to the Microsoft Help and Support site at support
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chaPtEr 6 Zune to Go: Music + Videos
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Hi. You might remember me from the last trade show. Well, I d like to invite you to the next one where I will be looking forward to meeting you again to demonstrate our new and novel button machine.
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When you re ready to install, click the Install button. The Windows Live Installer begins installing Windows Live Mail (and any other programs you may have selected), as shown in Figure 21 3. When the Windows Live Essentials Installer is completed, you ll be asked to choose a few simple settings options, click Continue, and then conclude the process. It s time to check out Windows Live Mail. As previously discussed, we assume that you have a Windows Live ID, which is Microsoft s online persona management system. If you don t have one, you will need to create one. You can create a Windows Live ID in various ways, but the easiest may be to simply sign up for a Hotmail account ( The e mail account you create during that process will be your Windows Live ID as well. We look at Hotmail in 23.
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