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content inside the Firefox browser window. Plug-ins are small utilities that run inside Firefox to render multimedia content within the Firefox window. Firefox provides several default plug-ins, along with additional plug-ins developed by other programmers. We ll examine plug-ins more closely in the Working with Add-ons section later in this chapter.
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* The configuration level refers to Server, Database, or Connection.
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Structure Declaration Type Memory Allocation Minimum Number of Members Required Number of Protected Members Constructor Value Program Stack 1 1 Default constructor not allowed. Members initialized to default values. Yes Protected not allowed Only Shared (Static in C#) Sub can be event handler Inherits only from System.ValueType No Sealed Class Reference Object Heap 0 0 Default constructor required (used to create a New instance) No Any method can be event handler Inherits from any class except System.ValueType Yes unless explicitly declared NotInheritable
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ven though the Linux movement is gaining popularity, there s no denying that the Microsoft Windows platform is still the major player in most computing environments. This doesn t mean that you have to give up on your Ubuntu server if all of your workstations use Microsoft Windows. Your Ubuntu server is perfectly capable of playing nicely in your Windows environment, thanks to the Samba software package. This chapter discusses how to use Samba to allow the Microsoft Windows clients on your network to connect to shared folders and printers on your Ubuntu server. The chapter describes how Samba works in Ubuntu and demonstrates some simple configuration guides for creating shared folders and printers. The chapter also discusses the common UNIX printing system (CUPS) , which allows you to share your Ubuntu system printers with other types of devices on your network.
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n Apply names to features, sketches, and dimensions that help to make their function clear. n When possible, use feature fillets and feature patterns rather than sketch fillets and sketch patterns. n Combine fillets into as few fillet features as possible; this also allows you to control fillets that need to be controlled separately, such as fillets to be removed for FEA, drawings, and simplified configurations, or added for rendering. n Create a simplified configuration when building very complex parts or working with large assemblies. n Model with symmetry in mind. Use feature patterns when possible. n Use link values or global variables to control commonly used dimensions. n Do not be afraid of configurations. Control them with design tables where there are more than a few configs, and document any custom programming or automated features in the spreadsheet. n Cosmetic features fillets, in particular should be saved for the bottom of the design tree. It is also a good idea to put them all together into a folder. n Use the setting at Tools Options Performance Verification on Rebuild in combination with the Ctrl+Q command to check models periodically and before calling them done. The more complex the model, or the more questionable some of the geometry or techniques might be, the more important it is to check the part. n Always fix errors in your part as soon as you can. Errors cause rebuild time to increase, and if you wait until more errors exist, troubleshooting may become more difficult. n Do not add unnecessary detail. For example, it is not important to actually model a knurled surface on a round steel part. This additional detail is difficult to model in SolidWorks, it slows down the rebuild speed of your part, and there is no advantage to actually having it modeled (unless you are using the model for rapid prototype or to machine a mold for a plastic part where knurling cannot be added as a secondary process). This is better accomplished by a drawing with a note. The same concept applies to thread, extruded text, very large patterns, and other features that introduce complex details. n Do not rely heavily on niche features. For example, if you find yourself creating helices by using Flex/Twist or Wrap instead of Sweep, then you may want to rethink your approach. In fact, if you find yourself creating a lot of unnecessary helices, then you may want to rethink this approach as well, unless there is a good reason for doing so. n File size is not necessarily a measure of inefficiency. n Be cautious about accepting advice or information from Internet forums. If you are the CAD Administrator for a group of users, you may want to incorporate some best practice tips into standard operating procedures for them. The more users that you have to manage, the more you need to standardize your system.
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The practice of secret key cryptography is not new and goes back to before the Cold War days when insurgents perfected secret key techniques and cipher science. In the Kerberos implementation, however, authentication is a done deal as long as the information is decrypted, or as long as one party can prove they are the real thing by being in possession of the decrypting key in the rst place. But what if someone on the network steals the key, or manages to copy previous authentication sessions Kerberos then makes use of an unalterable factor that goes back to the Big Bang . . . time.
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T , CS =
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INDEX parasitic effects in MOSFETs, output resistance, 128-130 short-channel effects in MOSFETs, 89-90 quasi-two-dimensional analysis, 97-99 DRAM (dynamic random access memory) circuits: cell structures, 333-339 cell scaling, 335-339 memory cell concept, 333-335 chip structure and operation, 346-347 ferroelectric memory architecture and, 458-463 destructive readout structure, 460-462 future trends in, 371-372 high-speed architectures, 353-358 extended data out (EDO), 354-355 fast page mode (FPM), 354 rambus DRAM (RDRAM), 355-358 synchronous DRAM (SDRAM), 355 synchronous link DRAM (SLDRAM), 358 memory array, 346, 348-351 MOSFET models, device scaling, 87-88 operating principle, 340-346 charge share sensing, 340-341 refresh operations, 341-344 capacitor dielectric leakage, 343 junction leakage, 342 parasitic leakage paths, 344 pass transistor subthreshold leakage, 342-343 soft errors, 344-346 alpha particles, 344-345 cosmic rays, 345-346 operation principle, soft-error requirement, vs. SRAM, 367 partitioning, block integration, system-on-chip concepts, digital/memory choices, 672-673 role of, in computer hierarchy, 333-334 sense amplifier operation, 351-352 silicon-on-insulator (SOl) devices, 261-262 technology trends in, 9-10 word line boosting, 352-353 Drift-diffusion equations: Boltzmann transport equation (BTE), balance equations, 196-200 MOSFET transport properties, mobility models, 108-109 Drifted Maxwellian model, hot carriers, MOSFET parasitic effects, energy distribution functions, 116-118 Drift transistor, inner-box shaped transistor, 29 Drift velocity, MOSFET transport properties, 109-110
Are you wondering why Microsoft doesn t give you the chance to make your initial user account a non-administrator account The reason is simple: you still need at least one account on each PC that has administrative privileges. If you didn t have such an account, there would be no way for you to access those features and services that do require administrative privileges.
FIGURE 11.18 Optimization results
Time-slot #2
492 493 494 495 498 500
Ceramic alumina L W T = 550 285 25 5456 5 5 485 615 130 0.40 < 11 3463 10 5 685 815 130 0.53 < 15 3174 10 5 785 885 100 0.46 < 18 3034 10 5 800 900 100 0.53 < 12 2813 10 5 850 940 90 0.59 < 11
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