Part IV Enterprise Data Management in .NET

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Part VII
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The script for enabling a service is very similar and is shown in the following listing with differences from the preceding script shown in a bold font.
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Google does not provide a way for users to return to your Web site apart from clicking a link from their search results or by clicking the Back button in their browser.
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In order to be able to insert RDF data and schema information into a repository, Sesame provides an admin module. The current implementation is rather simple and offers two main functions:
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Superframe (SF) Format. Twelve frames form a superframe, in which the frames are numbered from 1 through 12. The DMPs maintain frame and superframe
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droughts or oods, they say the tendency to overlook uncertainties, margins of error and ranges of probability can lead to damaging misjudgments. This was a classic case of the Flaw of Averages. Consider a hypothetical version of the Red River situation. Assume that, at the time of the forecast, the expected crest level is indeed 50 feet, but the actual level is still uncertain. In this version, Mother Nature determines the weather by ipping a coin. Heads creates torrential rains, which result in a 55-foot crest. Tails creates a mere drizzle, leading to a 45-foot crest. Because the dikes are designed to withstand a 50-foot crest, there is no damage when a tail occurs. But don t forget the 50 percent chance of a head, in which case ooding results in $2 billion in damage. In short, the damage resulting from the average crest of 50 feet (the average of 45 and 55) is zero, whereas the average damage (the average of zero and $2 billion) is $1 billion. In fact, what occurred in Grand Forks was a disastrous ood, forcing an estimated 50,000 people from their homes. The New York Times reported that [i]t is dif cult to know what might have happened had the uncertainty of the forecast been better communicated. But it is possible, said Mr. Mulhern, that the dikes might have been suf ciently enlarged and people might have taken more steps to preserve their possessions. As it was, he said, Some people didn t leave till the water was coming down the street. Figure 1.5 shows the difference between a ood slightly below and slightly above the average crest. Now in case you are questioning the value of planning for aboveaverage natural disasters, consider this scenario. If a Richter 7 earthquake hit a modern city with seismic building codes, it might kill a few hundred people, whereas similar quakes in a less developed part of the world regularly kill tens of thousands.
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8: Users, Accounts, and UAC
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shift in thin SOI due to quantum effect. (after Wong et al., Ref. 148.)
Using VB .NET and ASP.NET together, you can get programmatic access to a number of HTML elements. By default, ASP.NET treats HTML elements as they have always been treated in the past as literal text that is used as traditional HTML markup. But by adding a bit of code, programmers open the door to these elements and can easily manipulate them in a number of ways. Note HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. The latest version is presently HTML 4.0. HTML elements are HTML tags. Some examples include the <a>, <font>, <button>, and <input> tags. Though HTML is not covered in this book in too much detail, it is quite vital that you understand HTML in order to adequately develop Web pages. When you wish to program HTML elements, you need to write your HTML to comply with XHTML standards as well as include various attributes within the tags themselves. This chapter covers everything that you need to know to program HTML controls for your ASP.NET Web applications and the most common attributes that you might use in developing these controls. You find HTML controls simple and very easy to work into your applications.
FIGURE 19.11 Inserting four screws at once using Toolbox
FIGURE 10.11 The Sketch Plane PropertyManager interface for configuring a sketch plane
DefaultTitleBackColor (Protected Static Field)
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