Recovery Planning in .NET

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An Interactive Dashboard
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career in advertising could have been predicted even back in high school, for when you think about it, print advertising is nothing more than literary persuasion. Some of the signi cant lessons I learned in New York were the steps in selling a prospect, which also apply to selling in print advertising. Let me review the procedure. The rst thing you do in selling is to set up the selling environment. Whether it be a private room in a gallery or a car dealer s showroom, you con gure the physical environment to be your selling environment. Next, you have to get the attention of the prospect. That certainly makes sense and is related to the headline of a print ad. Once you have the prospect s attention, the next step is to introduce yourself and say something that will keep the attention of the prospect. This is similar to the subheadline and the photos and captions. Then comes the sales pitch or the copy in a print ad. During this activity, the seller has two thoughts in mind. The rst is that the buyer must like and develop con dence in the seller. The buyer must believe that the seller knows the product. Second, the seller must somehow relate the product to the buyer and the buyer s needs. That s clear. But the buyer and the seller must vibrate together. There must be a harmony struck between the buyer and seller, or the persuasive sales message won t come through. There are many methods for creating this harmony and two of the most important apply very directly to space advertising. First, you ve got to get the prospective reader to start saying yes. Second, you ve got to make statements that are both honest and believable. Let s cite an example. A car salesman says, Nice day, Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones then answers, Yes. (It is a nice day, the statement is truthful and the customer answers in the af rmative.) I see, Mr. Jones, that you keep your car very clean. Yes, I do. (At this point, the salesman has Mr. Jones saying yes and nodding his head.) I see, Mr. Jones, that since you now own a
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Sheet Metal feature
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Drive mode
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Open your HTML page in your browser to view the results of the makeover. If you are following along with the book s examples, open makeover_01_04.html.
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On, the author archive displays a number of profile-powered data items, including the contact information and bio, before displaying recent posts by the author.
Object Permissions
Working with Specialized Functionality
Now that you have an idea of what the .NET Framework is and the features it provides, what does this mean to you as a VB .NET developer The key components to VB .NET that will make your life as a developer easier are the language innovations, RAD features, the new forms models for the Web-based applications and Windows-based applications, and most importantly the ability to create Web Services. Language innovations VB .NET is finally a first-class language. Every feature that is provided by the framework is available in VB .NET. VB .NET is a fully object-oriented language, providing
A term commonly referred to as an enhancement of voicebased second generation (2G) cellphones. 3G cellphones were expected to service a broad range of multimedia traffic.
Port 2
metallic coating. It is our experience that a suf ciently low beam energy (very often 5 keV), combined with a suitable metallic coating, allows to obtain excellent high-resolution images of nonconductive specimens. We usually apply 1 2 nm of
Using a forwarder
FIGURE 18.9 Windows Media Player 11 plays the tunes in my chosen folder.
Creating and Using Libraries
Solaris 9 also adds support for local printers connected through USB ports. The naming convention for these printers is /dev/printers/[0 ... N] (e.g., /dev/printers/0). Recommended PostScript printers are included in the man page for usbprn. Solaris 9 also makes it possible to manage information about printers using LDAP. The Sun System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration (Sun 2000) book provides more information on using LDAP to support printers.
Projected View
Editing and Evaluation
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