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RECEIVE TOP(1) @conversation_handle = conversation_handle, @message_type_name = message_type_name, @message_body = CASE WHEN validation = X THEN CAST(message_body AS XML) ELSE CAST(N <none/> AS XML) END FROM [dbo].[TargetQueue] WHERE conversation_group_id = @conversation_group_id ; -- If there are no more messages, or an error occurred,
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Decisions and Information
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The glanceable stuff is interesting, but eventually you are going to want to actually use the Calendar application. Fortunately, it s a full-featured affair, and while the interface has been perhaps over-simplified in a way that is common to Windows Phone, you ll find virtually everything you need from a scheduling perspective within.
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As you have seen in this chapter, the ADO.NET Framework of data access technologies has been designed to allow you to implement an entire new breed of distributed technologies built on open standards such as XML. The chapter helped to set the stage for the change in the overall data-access mindset that needs to occur to take full advantage of the features offered by the exciting new Framework. And although this chapter served to provide a high-level view of the objects and technologies that work together to make up the ADO.NET architecture, you spend the next chapter diving into the technical aspects of building solutions upon this Framework.
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On each board, one or more balls is released. Each ball has a color-coordinated goal in the form of a hole. The balls bounce freely about. You can direct their paths by drawing lines; the angle of the line you draw indicates the trajectory of the ball after it bounces off. After a ball strikes a line you ve drawn, the line disappears. You try to guide each ball into its proper hole as quickly as possible. Draw simply by clicking and dragging the mouse cursor. Five difficulty levels determine the speed and number of balls, and also the obstacles in their way. Some obstacles can actually change the color of any ball that strikes them, so be careful!
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Up to now, we have assumed that the BS and the MS are synchronized in time and frequency. However, only the BS is required by the standard to have a high-quality time and frequency reference. For the MS, such a reference would be too expensive. Thus, the MS synchronizes its frequency and time references with those of the BS. This is done in three steps: rst, the MS tunes its carrier frequency to that of the BS. Next, the MS synchronizes its timing to the BS by using synchronization sequences. Finally, the timing of the MS is additionally shifted with respect to the timing of the BS to compensate for the runtime of the signal between the BS and MS (timing advance).
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Enter the Station
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You can connect the device before, during or after the booting process.
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Patterning and Mirroring
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21: Working with Drawing Views . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 689
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Many people claim to have customized the S toolbar to such an extent that they have been able to remove all other toolbars from their interface. This is possibly true if you typically use a limited number of sketch entities, sketch relations, and feature types, or make extensive use of flyouts on the S toolbar, but if you tend to work in several corners of the software (say, surfacing, sheet metal, and plastic parts), you may need some additional toolbar space. It is completely believable to have access to most of the software s function with the S toolbar and either the Menu Bar Toolbar or the CommandManager. CommandManager by far gives you the most flexibility, but it also requires the most space, and conceivably more setup time as well. The S key shortcut may conflict with a customization you have done, depending on how your software was installed. To change the S toolbar key to another character or to reassign it, follow the directions for creating and maintaining hotkeys later in this chapter in the section on customization. It is referenced as the Shortcut Bar in the Tools Customize Keyboard list.
n The ability to rip audio CDs to WAV format. n The URGE music store, which is now part of Windows Media Player 11.
FIGURE 6.22 Windows Photo Gallery
Editing Video with Windows Movie Maker
Displays what buttons can be used
Client-Side Development
The device shown in Figure 7.9 is assumed to be a MOSFET transistor. All the parts are soldered on a small PCB. Two zero capacitors and two in nite inductors serve as the DC power supply to the device. Owing to the fact that their impedances are respectively zero and in nity, their existence does not disturb the AC or RF characteristics of the tested device. There are two RF tuners. The input tuner is inserted between the signal generator and the input of the test xture. The output tuner is inserted between the output of the test xture and the power meter. For a speci ed DC power supply voltage, the DC current owing through the device must be adjusted to the value speci ed by the DC bias. Then the work of tuning on bench can be started. The input and output tuners can be slid up and down to adjust their own impedances. Therefore, the input and output impedances of the device can be regulated by the adjustment of the input and output tuners so that the output power displayed in the power meter approaches a maximum, upon which it is implied that either the input or output impedance of the device is matched well. The maximum must be veri ed carefully and patiently by several repeated adjustments of the tuners positions. When the power reading in the power meter reaches a maximum, the sliding positions of the input and output tuners must be xed and then detached from the * * test setup. After the detachment is done, the two impedances, Zin and Zout , can be tested and obtained by means of the new test setup shown in Figure 7.10. The * * network analyzer can read the values of impedances Zin and Zout . 7.2.2 Simulation * * Having the values of Zin and Zout , we can now design and implement the input and output matching networks. In the ADS (Advanced Design Systen) simulation system there is a 1 Port Opt box, by which the corresponding impedance matching network can be optimized if the original impedance is known. For instance, if * z* = rin + jx*, in in (7.5)
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