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Microsoft s Zune platform may not ship as part of Windows 7, but as with the company s Windows Live products and services, it extends Windows in fun and interesting ways and is an important step toward Microsoft s future platforms. The Zune PC software and services are free and available to all Windows users, even those who choose not to purchase a Zune portable media device. Those who do opt to buy into the Zune platform fully by purchasing a Zune device and, perhaps, subscribing to Zune Pass will discover a highly integrated digital media platform that, yes, takes a page from the Apple playbook but does so in a decidedly Microsoft way. Put simply, Zune is an excellent opportunity to see the future of Microsoft s digital media platform today.
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Figure 9-10: Windows 7 can help you connect to hidden wireless networks, too.
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Normalized fluorescent X-ray intensity (a.u)
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2: Using the Windows Vista Desktop
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The advantage of a library is that it allows you to simply plug in the parts and they work. All Toolbox really needs to do for users is provide a library of parts. Anything more than that is only beneficial if it offers some improvement over a simple library of existing parts without introducing any risks or setbacks.
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Button Cut Copy Paste Format Paint brush Undo Redo Hyperlink
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Faxing with Windows Mail
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FIGURE 6.16 Using sketch pictures
Making Smart Decisions about File Systems
Domain Controller and GCS Recommendations
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