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7: Understanding the WordPress Database Class
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FIGURE 31.11 A tangent arc segment used in a Structural Member feature
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The second button is the Repeat button. Clicking this button tells the Media Player to play the selected files again after it reaches the end of the playlist. The next four buttons are Stop, Previous, Play, and Next. These navigational tools allow you to stop, rewind, play/pause, and fast-forward (respectively) when watching movies or listening to audio tracks. The next button to the right, which looks like a small speaker icon, is Mute. To mute the audio for your media, click this button. A small red circle with a line through it appears to indicate that the sound has been muted. Click it again to toggle the Mute feature off. You can also use the volume bar (located to the right of the Mute button) to manually adjust the volume for your audio files. Click the circle and drag your mouse to the left or right to adjust the sound; moving your mouse to the left lowers the volume, and moving it to the right increases the volume.
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Tag: the_author_posts() Description: Displays the number of posts an author has written in the Loop. Returns: True or False Arguments: None
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To continue to provide maximum benefit to users, standards must be kept open and consistent. One of the Internet arguments against the OSI standardization process is that it takes far too long to ratify required changes. A crucial challenge for X.500 vendors is to consolidate the work that has already taken place in coming to agreement on DSP and DISP. An important test will be the speed of the formal standardization of these protocols running as part of the Internet protocol suite for server-to-server communication, and the subsequent level of acceptance by the Internet community.
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In fact, the development of thin- lm, exible lightweight solar cells is important for both terrestrial and space applications. Thin- lm solar cells use 30 100 times less semiconducting material and are less expensive to manufacture than conventional crystalline silicon cells. For many terrestrial applications, thin- lm photovoltaic technologies are advantageous because of their exible lightweight construction, permitting them to be molded onto nonrigid, or uniform, structures for innovative power systems. Importantly for space applications, their lightweight structure enables them to achieve much higher mass speci c power (Wkg-1) than conventional single crystalline device technologies.10 Current thin- lm photovoltaic (PV) research encompasses development of CdTe, Cu(In : Ga)(S : Se)2 (CIGSSe), and thin- lm silicon-based solar cells.11 Photovoltaic devices based on the ternary chalcopyrite absorber layers, CIGSSe or more generally I III VI2, have been the particular focus of intense investigation for over two decades. The use of chalcopyrite absorbers is advantageous since the band gaps of many of these alloys are a good match for the maximum photon power density in the solar spectrum for both terrestrial (AM1.5) and space applications (AM0) (Fig. 6.2), while displaying long-term stability and excellent radiation tolerance.12 14 Additionally, by adjusting the percent atomic composition of either Ga for In and/or S for Se, the band gap can be tuned from 1.0 eV to 2.4 eV, thus permitting fabrication of large or graded band gaps.15 Polycrystalline CuInS2 (CIS) was chosen as the target absorber layer for the effort at NASA GRC because of its high absorption coef cient and its direct band gap of 1.5 eV, which is near optimum for AM0 conditions. So far, the highest total area ef ciency achieved by a CuInS2 cell using vacuum-based co-evaporation techniques has been 12.5%.16 Other alloys of CIGSSe, such as Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS), have shown conversion ef ciencies of as high as 19.2% under AM1.5 illumination.17 However, the 1.5-eV direct band gap of CuInS2 makes it ideal for solar radiation conversion in space. CuInS2 thin lms are also more resistant to radiation in space than other CIGS alloys,12,13 they can be used as a top cell in a tandem structure with CIGS,18 and they are less toxic to process than selenium-containing alloys.
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reads as follows: if x is greater than 2, then the answer is 1.5; if x is not greater than 2 but greater than 1, then the answer is .5; if x is not greater than 1 but less than 1, then the answer is 2.5. As you can see, this function does not cover all situations, but it does create a condition where the value cycles through three different numbers in a specific order. Is this useful Possibly. Again, the main application for this function would be a simple animation for changing the size or shape of SolidWorks components that cannot be done in other more conventional ways.
Once you have declared your widgetized sidebars, it s time to integrate them into your theme. As a designer, the most likely location for this is in the literal sidebar, most often found in sidebar. php.
Congratulations your first Ruby program! Not too exciting, but it did produce the expected output. Programs usually aren t as simple as the one we just played with. Although I m sure you re a perfect typist and an even better programmer, at some point you ll probably experience an error in your Ruby code. Fortunately, the Ruby interpreter can help us out. If there s an error in your code, the Ruby interpreter will point it out and attempt to tell you just what the error is:
MDA programs also provide the ability to run separate programs when email is received, without the user having to do anything. If you have used commercial email packages in a work environment, no doubt you are aware of the ability to leave out-of-office messages. This feature requires that the MDA automatically reply to any emails you receive. It can also be used to run external anti-virus and spam detection software on each message that is received. Several open-source MDA programs are available for the mail administrator to incorporate with the email system. Three of the most popular programs are mailx, mail.local, and procmail. This section describes these programs.
Ubuntu Linux
FIGURE 20.20 Alignment options
add_management_ page() add_options_page()
If you re running Windows and you tinker with the color depth settings on the Settings tab of the Display control panel, you ll discover that the list of possible color depths changes as you change the resolution. That is, you may be able to display true color at 800 600 resolution, but only high color at 1024 768 resolution. If you find such a limitation and it bothers you, look into whether you can add memory to your video card.
The local mean (i.e., the expected value used above) is distributed according to lognormal statistics. Unconditioning results in the pdf of the eld strength: pdfr (r) =
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