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The space handle and the 3D sketch cursor
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6. Query
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Getting Started with SolidWorks
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Use of a voltage probe to measure mains interference in situ.
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4. The result is obtained from the method call and serialized into a SOAP response message. 5. The SOAP response message is returned to the caller via an output argument of the invoke method. Creating a Web Service consumer The SOAPClient COM component enables Web Service consumers to call Web Services. This component leverages the features of the SOAP Toolkit to provide properties and methods that a Web Service consumer can use to call Web Service methods without having to deal with SOAP messages directly. In this way, the SOAPClient component acts as a proxy object for the Web Service. To use the SOAPClient component, you must have access to the WSDL document that describes the Web Service. When you call the initialization method on the component, you pass in the location of the WSDL document. This causes all of the operations defined in the WSDL document to be dynamically bound to the SOAPClient component. Once this has been completed, you can invoke the methods defined in the WSDL document via the SOAPClient object. When you invoke a Web Service method bound to the SOAPClient object, the following steps occur: 1. The SOAPClient object serializes the method call into a SOAP request message and delivers it to the server. 2. The server deserializes the SOAP request message and processes the request. 3. The server serializes the result into a SOAP response message and delivers it to the client. 4. The SOAPClient object deserializes the SOAP response message and returns the result to the caller. The SOAPClient object also exposes SOAP fault properties so that you can examine error information in case a method call fails for some reason. To summarize, the SOAPClient object makes it easy to consume Web Services in a COM-like manner. The consumer needs only to supply the WSDL document that describes the Web Service to the SOAPClient object in order to call the operations exposed by the Web Service. The SOAPClient object takes care of translating COM method calls into SOAP requests and then translating the SOAP response into a COM method return value. If an error occurs in the method call, the SOAPClient object exposes properties that give a consumer access to the SOAP fault information that's returned. The WSDL/WSML generator tool The WSDL/WSML generator tool is used to automatically generate WSDL and WSML documents from COM type libraries. The graphical version of the tool (named wsdlgen.exe) walks you through the process of generating these documents. It will request the type of listener you want to use, the location of the COM type library, which methods you want to expose from the available interfaces in the type library, the folder in which to write the WSDL and WSML documents, and a few other details. After you answer these questions, the tool will generate the files for you. If you want to script the generation of these files, a command-line version of the tool, wsdlstb.exe, is also supplied. You can use the / switch on the command line to get help information on valid command parameters and switches. The bottom line here is that the WSDL/WSML generator tool can be a great time-saver when you're preparing your COM components for accessibility as Web Services. The SOAP trace utility One final utility that ships with the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit is the SOAP trace utility. Using this graphical utility, you can view SOAP request and response messages transported over HTTP between a Web Service and Web Service consumer. The trace utility can be configured to run on either the client or the server.
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In contrast to sketch relations, most assembly mates have alignment orientation. Flat faces can be coincident in one of two orientations separated by 180 degrees. The same is true of concentric relations, as well as others. SolidWorks orients a part to the closest orientation that works. This means that it is often best to preposition parts to make it easier for the software. This usually involves some combination of rotating the view and rotating the part.
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6 Test your makeover.
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1. Nicolau, Y. F. 1985. Solution deposition on thin solid compound lms by a successive ionic-layer adsorption and reaction process. Appl. Surf. Sci. 22 23: 1061 1074. 2. Nicolau, Y. F. 1986. Method and apparatus for deposition on a substrate of a thin lm containing cationic and anionic constituents. French Patent No. 2569427. 3. Nicolau, Y. F. 1987. Method and apparatus for deposition on a substrate of a thin lm containing cationic and anionic constituents. US Patent No. 4675207. 4. Tolstoi, V. P. 1993. Synthesis of thin-layer structures by the ionic layer deposition method. Russ. Chem. Rev. 62:237 242. 5. Niesen, T. P.; De Guire, M. R. 2001. Review: Deposition of ceramic thin lms at low temperatures from aqueous solutions. J. Electroceram. 6:169 207. 6. Niesen, T. P.; De Guire, M. R. 2002. Review: Deposition of ceramic thin lms at low temperatures from aqueous solutions. Solid State Ionics 151:61 68. 7. Pathan, H. M.; Lockhande, C. D. 2004. Deposition of metal chalcogenide thin lms by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) method. Bull. Mater. Sci. 27:85 111. 8. Nicolau, Y. F.; Menard, J. C. 1992. An electrokinetic study of ZnS and CdS surface chemistry. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 148:551 570. 9. Lindroos, S. 1997. The successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) growth and characterization of ZnS and ZnS : Mn thin lms. Ph.D. thesis. University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.
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Frankly, the method SolidWorks uses to create the Parting Surface is insufficient for most tasks. It will work well if you are molding a range of Frisbees or dinner plates, but it will not work well
Upgrade from Windows 7 Starter Windows 7 Home Premium Windows 7 Professional to Windows 7 Home Premium Yes ($79.99) to Windows 7 Professional Yes ($114.99) Yes ($89.99) to Windows 7 Home Ultimate Yes ($164.99) Yes ($139.99) Yes ($129.99)
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Best practice for this setting is to turn it on. There is a constant trade-off between file size and performance (speed). Reading large files is slow compared to reading small files, but reading data is faster than re-computing the data.
FIGURE 17.20 The Toolbox Configure Data Content tab
Search Engine Basics
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