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course developers are racing to take advantage of this new cloud computing platform as well. At a conceptual level, what s most interesting about Live Mesh is that the PC desktop is not at the center of this emerging platform. Instead, Live Mesh is envisioned as a ring or circle, whereby your PC(s), mobile device(s), and Web desktop are all equal partners, like spokes on a wheel (see Figure 23-26).
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ok boot /sbin/rc2 Default run state is 3 for f in/etc/rc2.d/K* for f in/etc/rc2.d/S*
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In the second paragraph there is a reduction from 59 words to 36. With nearly 40 percent fewer words, the meaning and emotional appeal of the second version is exactly the same as the rst or even better. Apply this percentage to a full-page ad with 1,000 words and you can see the difference the editing process can make. In fact, at this point, let s look at the advantages. Advantages of Fewer Words With less copy, your ad will look less imposing to the prospect and he or she will be more likely to read it. The second advantage is that you are making the slippery slide even more slippery by making it shorter. Your prospect will get to the bottom of the slide much faster, yet still get the full impact of your sales message. The preceding example was given to my seminar class and they spent about 20 minutes coming up with their own edited versions of the ad. Many of them were excellent and some were even shorter than my version. Of course, the copy was taken out of context; they didn t have the rest of the ad and couldn t see far enough into the ad to see what my environment, goal and emotional appeal for the product were, so this might not be the perfect
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If the printer is indeed installed in Zululand, you need an IP address for the port on the printer or on the print device interface box to which your Zulu printer is connected. Note that you can also choose a parallel port (the LPT port) or a COM port if the printer actually is connected to the server computer with a data cable. For demo purposes, let s assume the printer is a Zebra printer located 9,000 miles away in Zululand. In this case, you must create an LPR port and assign it the IP address you have handy. (If you don t have the IP address handy, stop everything and get it.) In this case you would choose the second option for TCP/IP printing and direct IP assignment by host name resolution. The remote IP address will be made available as a local port, or you can choose the option to add a new port. 5. Go ahead and choose the last option to add a port. After you click Next, you will be given the option to name the port. Next choose the option to install a new driver and click Next (this is demonstrated in Figure 12-5). If you are unable to nd the correct driver on the server, simply choose the option to use a driver installation CD as the source. 6. Now, to use the LPD option for direct TCP/IP printer for Unix devices and the like you need to install the LPR Port Monitor. This can be done on the Add Features option in the Initial Con guration Tasks Wizard (see 2). On the Select a Printer Port screen of the Add Printer Wizard, check the Create a New Port option and then choose the LPR port option from the Type of Port drop-down menu. Click Next to load the Add LPR-compatible Printer dialog box. You are prompted to provide a name or IP address for the port. If possible, provide the IP address, because name resolution just slows things down (the IP address should be permanently assigned to this port in any event). Now provide the name. The far-away printer is hanging off a Lantronix server, so the typical name we use identi es the port as being on a Lantronix printer server. Because we discussed the function of the print monitor earlier, note here that the LPR print monitor immediately tries to touch the remote IP address. The LPR Port Con guration Warning shown in Figure 12-6 pops up if the IP address or remote server does not
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(3) The set where the density fo of Fo is strictly positive is convex and contains the support of every distribution in P.
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Note that theprefactor 1 / 2 must be takeninto account. This prefactor did not appear in the combination of bandpass filtering and generating the complex envelope discussed above. As before, a real filter gLP(t)is obtained if G(w) is symmetric with respect to WO.
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The Problem
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Another way of getting images onto your computer is of course to use a scanner. Scanners have come in many shapes and sizes and have added new features over the years; indeed, many of today s scanners now come combined with photocopiers, fax machines, and printers in what are called all-in-ones. Like its predecessors, Windows Vista uses the Intel standard, Plug and Play, which lets you install a device and lets the computer find and install the necessary drivers. This is still very much the case. To install your scanner, you may have to do nothing more than connect it to your computer, turn it on, and let Windows Vista install the appropriate driver. If you have an older device, or if Windows Vista doesn t recognize your scanner for some other reason, you ll have to install its drivers yourself. To do so:
whatever improvements or changes are needed. That s where the accountability is. No one should be underperforming and be unmolested and uninvolved in improvement. That confrontation takes courage, but why work in an environment that doesn t prize such boldness If you don t confront and attempt to resolve these performance problems at any level and under any conditions then you, yourself, are underperforming and become a part of the problem rather than the solution.
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