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The file /kernel/misc/sysinit contains code that initializes the variable hw_serial in the kernel based on the serialization information. On both SPARC and x86 versions of Solaris 2.5, hw_serial stores the hostid as a decimal C string. Other than the 8 bytes of serialization information, the /kernel/misc/sysinit files do not differ between machines. Four of the serialization bytes depend upon the other four bytes, so the hostid is somewhat tamper resistant. If the serialization information is tampered with carelessly or if the sysinit module fails to load for some other reason, the hostid of the machine will be 0. A little more obfuscation is done in the code; hw_serial is not referenced directly in the module, but indirectly via the pointer _hs1107. This means that, if you need to have two machines with the same hostid for some reason (say, to have a backup server with the same hostid in case your primary server malfunctions), you can simply copy the /kernel/misc/sysinit file from one machine to another. Moreover, it seems that initializing hw_serial is the only function performed by the sysinit module. Hence, it is a simple matter to replace /kernel/misc/sysinit, yielding a machine with whatever hostid one wants by compiling a simple C program for a loadable kernel module that sets hw_serial to the desired value. C code for a generic replacement sysinit module is included in change sun hostid, which is available from in the file change-sun-hostid.tar.gz. Replacing part of the operating system is probably not the best way to achieve this effect. In general, we recommend using one of the other modules to change the Sun hostid, because there is less risk of damaging things and rendering the system unbootable, but a few people have asked for this.
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Funds Remaining
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FIGURE 8.12 The classic Appearance Settings dialog box
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One of the best ways to keep an eye on what s happening (or has happened) on your systems is to pay attention to their extensive sets of log files. The log files will tell you everything from who has logged on recently, to who has sent mail from your system, to every command that every user has executed. A security-conscious system administrator will have extensive logging and auditing installed on the server. This allows the system administrator to determine where errors might have occurred, recover the system after a crash, or work out the details of a break-in by a hacker.
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Figure 48-5: The UDDI home page You can register your business by clicking on the Register tab at the top of the home page. Or you can go directly to the page by typing into your Web browser. On the other hand, if you have already registered your business and want to maintain your business and/or Web Service information (including adding new Web Services), click on the Already registered tab at the top of the home page. Or you can go directly to the page by typing in your Web browser. In either case, next you're asked to choose which registry you want to use to add or update your information. As of the writing of this book, IBM and Microsoft were both maintaining UDDI business registry sites. The examples presented here use the Microsoft site, but you could just as easily use the IBM site with the exact same results. Note Although there are multiple distributed registries (and more expected to come online), the UDDI architecture uses replication techniques to keep all of the registries synchronized. Therefore, you don't have to worry about which online registry you use to search or maintain your business information. If you have not registered your business yet, you must obtain a username/password before adding any information to the UDDI business registry. This is necessary so that your particular business information can be protected from any unauthorized changes. Although the specific methods for obtaining a username and password differ between the IBM and Microsoft sites, the end result is the same. On the Microsoft site, you're asked to create a Passport account. If you already have a Passport account, you can use that account instead of creating another one. 1. Choose Microsoft from the list and submit the form. Then you must log in to the site using your username and password. If you don't have a username and password yet, create one and then log in. 2. After you have successfully logged into the site, you see the personal registration page shown in Figure 48-6. Fill in your personal contact information here. This information is used for private registration purposes so that you can add and update entries in the business registry database. It's not published within the public business registry database.
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Entity Integrity
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Tools, Options
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6: Widgetizing WordPress
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The I, UI, SABME, and DISC frames are command frames, and the DM and UA frames are response frames. The supervision frames can be sent as command or response frames. By setting the P bit in a command frame to P 1, a LAPD orders its peer to respond with a supervision or unnumbered frame. A response frame with F 1 indicates that it is sent in response to a received command frame in which P 1.
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You can store commonly used annotations in the Design Library. If you look at the Annotations folder with the default sample annotations, you see a combination of symbols and blocks. You can use symbols and notes in 3D models, but you can only use blocks in sketches or 2D drawings. Keep in mind that not all annotation types can be used in all places. Annotations can be stored in the library as favorites or blocks. Many file extensions are used for different types of favorites, but they typically begin with *.sld and end with fvt, as in *.sldweldfvt. Figure 18.5 shows the default location of the Design Library and the Thumbnail view of the favorites and blocks in the Annotations folder.
Install and customize the master system from which the archive will be created (once) Create the Web Start Flash archive (once) Use the Web Start Flash archive to install a system (any number of times)
! Add a new #quickLinks select selector to your stylesheet.
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