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FIGURE 11-1 Adding features required for the Application Server role.
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FIGURE 17.27
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ZL = - j(1/C )
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sar is turned off by default, and the corresponding crontab entries are commented out. To run sar routinely on a system, you need to do two things. First, remove the comment (#) character on the crontab lines in /var/spool/cron/crontabs/sys. The best way to do this is with the command crontab -e sys (as root) or crontab -e (as sys). Next, uncomment the lines in the startup script /etc/init.d/perf (same file as /etc/rc2.d/S21perf) and run it. When first installed, this file is inactive because all command lines are commented out. Uncomment the lines shown below:
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A reservation reserves a speci c IP address for a speci c Media Access Control (MAC) address. The MAC address is a unique hardware-based address that identi es a network adapter (Network Interface Card, or NIC) on the network. Reservations enable a speci c adapter to receive the same IP address assignment from the DHCP server, and prevent the address from being leased to any other adapter. In effect, reservations let you enjoy the exibility offered by DHCP while still enabling you to assign a static IP address. Through reservations, you ensure that the NIC always has the same IP address, but other con guration changes can be applied dynamically (such as domain name, router, DNS servers, and so on).
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Right-click: A better way to interact with playlists is through the Zune software s
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A number of manufacturers offer hybrid PBXs, with TDM and IP components coexisting side by side. This approach blends the best of both. The TDM component comprises TDM line and trunk cards and ports and a TDM bus. The IP component comprises Ethernet ports, an Ethernet switch, a router, and IP trunk ports. A gateway interconnects the TDM and IP components, both of which are under the control of a telephony server running a commercial operating system, as illustrated in Figure 3.16. The TDM component accommodates fax machines, modems, and power failure cut-through. The TDM component also supports digital and analog phones for areas such as lobbies and other public places, hospital rooms, dormitory rooms, and hotel rooms where the cost of IP phones cannot be justi ed and where the feature content of an IP phone would be lost on the untrained user [28]. As local T1 and E1 CO trunks are TDM trunks, they are assigned to the TDM ports on the hybrid IPBX. The IP component serves the more fully featured and more expensive IP phones and terminates the IP trunks used for access to the public Internet and other IP networks.
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DBCC offers three repair modes, each performing a more radical surgery on the internal structure than the last: Repair_Fast: The simplest repair mode repairs non-clustered index keys and does not touch the data pages. Repair_Rebuild: The mid-level repair method performs a complete check and rebuild of all non-clustered indexes and index pointers. Again, this method doesn t write to any data pages. Repair_Allow_Data_Loss: This, the most severe, option performs all the index repairs and rebuilds the data-page allocations and pointers, and removes any corruption found in the data pages. Because it updates the data-page structure, some data loss is possible.
17. Remember that this part needs to have the number of ribs always equal to the number of holes. This is simple to do in Excel. Click in the first row value for the Rib# number. This is cell F3 in Figure 10.25. Type the equal sign, and then click in the cell to the left, E3. You can also simply type =E3 in this cell. This links the Rib# cell to the Hole# cell. 18. Use the Window Fill feature by selecting the dot at the lower-right corner of the selected F3 cell and dragging it down to also include cells F4 and F5, as shown in Figure 10.26. 19. Click in a blank space to exit the design table. Double-click through the configurations in the ConfigurationManager to see the results of your efforts.
I then disabled both themes and Windows desktop composition. Immediately, without the need to reboot, the game ran almost flawlessly. After re-enabling themes, the game still runs fine. Because disabling the desktop eye-candy rendering has an effect, the sluggishness I experienced could be due to a compatibility problem with WDDM and the current beta driver for my ATI Radeon X1900-based graphics card. In any case, the system hog of a game that it is, F.E.A.R., shown in Figure 25.9, works well under Windows Vista.
CheckedChanged (Public Instance Event)
Computer screens for sweep control.
Date/Time setup
where Zt = transfer impedance M = mutual inductance between probe coil and current-carrying wire L = inductance of coil wound on the magnetic core of the probe RL = load impedance of probe, usually 50 The corner frequency in Figures 5.5 and 5.6 is now calculated from |XL| = |2 fL| = RL where: XL = reactance of the probe coil f = frequency L = inductance of the probe coil RL = load impedance of probe, usually 50 Combining Eqs. (5.1) and (5.2) and solving for M result in M= Zt 2 fc (5.3) (5.2)
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