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gate oxidation. During oxidation, the nitrogen becomes incorporated into the 112 oxide. "* During Oxidation. These methods are based on the slight nitridation of the oxide (up to 10at.% N incorporated into the oxide), by NH 3 after the oxidation, 6-111 followed by a reoxidation step. Other well-researched techniques include either growing the oxide in an N20 ambient 111'113 or annealing after growth in N20. Similarly, NO anneals have been used, 114 as 15 have nitrogen plasma treatment of the preoxidized wafer surface.'
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The most important mechanical parameter is the size of the internal diameter or injecting window. The internal diameter must be able to accommodate the size of the circuit under test, including cable bundles as well as individual cables. Injection probes with an internal diameter of 40 mm can be used with signal and power cables for most commercial electronic equipment and systems. Injection probes with internal diameters of 66 mm are ideally suited for military and avionics equipment having large signal and power cable assemblies. Custom designs having larger than 66 mm internal diameter are available. The external dimensions of the injection probe become important if the probe must be placed inside the EUT, such as a motor vehicle or aircraft. The usable operational bandwidth of the injection probe must overlap the frequency range under evaluation. When conducting tests in accord with RTCA/DOl60 Section 20 (aircraft application), the usable bandwidth of the injection probe must be 10 kHz 400 MHz. Two injection probes are required to inject the specified current over the entire range due to the large bandwidth required. Most probes operate satisfactorily for EMC purposes within a fairly large frequency range. The effectiveness of the injection probe over the operational bandwidth is determined by the probe s efficiency. The efficiency of an injection probe is a function
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14.3.3 Development in Time: Living Ontologies
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14 deals with configurations of assemblies in depth. This chapter deals only with configurations of parts. Configurations of drawings do not exist. n
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have longed to take their games on the go. In the early 1980s, we were thrilled about hand-
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Domain Admins Domain Guests Exchange Services
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Figure 2-22: Choose your Start menu.
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Traditionally, home networking technologies have been confined mostly to Ethernet platforms. In fact, some of the earlier home development projects touted the availability of Fast Ethernet as an attraction to potential buyers. Of course, what is provided here is basically Cat 5 cabling and, depending on how network-capable the home is, some homeowners only need to plug in their desktops and printer to create the home network. These days, the trend is moving quickly to other options. There are a variety of technologies that can
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The development of knowledge portals serving the needs of companies or communities is still a more or less manual process. Ontologies and related meta-data provide a promising conceptual basis for generating (parts of) such knowledge portals (Jin et al., 2001). Obviously, conceptual models of the domain, the users and the tasks are needed among others. Generation of knowledge portals has to be supplemented with the (semi-)automatic evolu tion of portals (Staab and Madche, 2001; Hotho et al., 2001). Since business environments and strategies change rather rapidly, KM portals have to be kept up-to-date in this fast changing environment. Evolution of portals also includes the aspect of forgetting outdated knowledge. KM solutions will be based on a combination of intranet-based functionalities and mobile functionalities in the very near future. Semantic Web technologies are a promising approach to meet the needs of the mobile environments, such as location-aware personalization and adaptation of information presentation to the speci c capabilities of mobile devices, that is, the presentation of the required information at an appropriate level of granularity. In essence, employees should have access to the KM application anywhere and anytime. However, in order to be able to deal with large amounts of knowledge, it must be served at different levels of granularities. For instance, a search on the desktop might also pop up related links and many details, but on the palmtop one must restrict knowledge pieces to the bare minimum.
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possible. Shooting with the widest possible aperture lets you use the highest possible shutter speed, which helps freeze the action. It also blurs the background, which helps keep the focus on the main subject. game like kids soccer. Other times it pays to go a little higher in the bleachers and shoot down.
she didn t have any idea of what I was talking about, she felt that she was making the right choice because I said so.
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