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So far, you've learned a lot about the motivation behind Web Services and the technologies that enable us to build and consume Web Services. But how does a Web Service work, exactly To wrap up this chapter on Web Service infrastructure, let's walk through what happens during the execution lifetime of a Web Service. This will bring together all of the elements of Web Services you've learned about and how they fit together to enable the Web Service execution model. Now that you have a complete picture of the technologies and tools used to build and consume ASP.NET Web Services, let's take a conceptual but detailed look at the execution flow and lifetime of a fictional Web Service named CTemp. The CTemp Web Service converts temperature values from one unit to another. The service supports a single method that accepts three input arguments: the temperature value, the source units, and the destination units. The Web Service method takes these input arguments, converts the specified temperature to the destination units, and returns the new temperature value to the caller. The following walkthrough begins at the point where the consumer sends a properly formatted SOAP message to the target server requesting the CTemp method of the CTemp Web Service: 1. The IIS Web server hosting the CTemp Web Service receives the request message (technically, an HTTP-SOAP request). 2. The URL is interpreted by the Web server to determine which ISAPI filter is responsible for handling the request (based on the file type). The URL points to the Web Service entry point file (the .asmx file), so the request is passed along to the ASP.NET ISAPI filter. 3. The ASP.NET ISAPI filter passes the request to an instance of the .NET HTTPRuntime class, which is hosted within an IIS application process. The movement of the request from the ISAPI filter to the HTTPRuntime class completes a transition from unmanaged to managed code. 4. The ASP.NET HTTPRuntime class is responsible for handling all incoming HTTP requests. The runtime resolves the URL to a specific application and then dispatches the request to that application. Web Services are handled by the .NET WebServiceHandlerFactory class. 5. The WebServiceHandlerFactory class deserializes the SOAP payload from the request, creates an instance of the CTemp Web Service implementation class, and executes the CTemp method, passing the input arguments.
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Note: If you want to check the program s compatibility with Vista, select the Do Not Apply a Compatibility Mode option. This runs the program using the standard Vista settings. Clicking Next opens the display settings window. (See Figure 8-7.) This screen allows you to choose the settings including color, screen resolution, visual themes, desktop composition, and dpi (dots per inch) settings applied when running the program using Vista.
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A small thumbnail image really helps set off a promotional unit like this. I grabbed a set of free icons for the Mac, which are available in PNG format, to make this area more interesting.
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Be sure to save any data and then close all open applications that are running on the drive about to be converted. qr code rdlc
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You can create a plugin that disables these messages. By looking into the core code, you will find that two functions handle upgrade notifications for the core. The first, update_nag(), notifies the blogger that there is an upgrade available. If the user (generally the admin) has the manage_ options capability, it also provides a link to the upgrade page. The second function, maintenance_nag(), behaves essentially the same way except it alerts the blogger that an automatic upgrade has failed. Both of these functions are in wp-includes/includes/update.php. As you explore these two functions, you ll notice that they are hooked into the admin_notices hook. When you search the rest of WordPress, you will see that other pieces throughout WordPress also use this hook for messaging and plugins can also use it. It doesn t make sense to disable those messages and, in fact, the hook is important in a multi-user environment where an admin might want to disseminate important information to the rest of the users. The two functions are hooked into WordPress (again, in wp-includes/includes/update. php) with add_action(), as shown in Listing 15.1.
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Directory synchronization is no small matter. We recommend that you tread carefully here, letting the tools and techniques mature before you burn up time synchronizing or converting.
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The electrochemical atomic layer epitaxy (ECALE) technique, also known as electrochemical atomic layer deposition (EC-ALD), is based on layer-by-layer electrodeposition. Each constituent of the thin lm are deposited separately using underpotential deposition (UPD) of that element. UPD is a process wherein an atomic layer of one element is deposited on the surface of a different element at a potential under that needed to deposit the element on itself. ECALE has been used to grow mainly II VI and III V compounds. A thorough review of ECALE research has been published by Stickney.144 A summary of the materials deposited using ECALE are given in Table 8.4, with a more detailed discussion for a few select examples given below. 8.5.2 Materials Grown by ECALE Zinc chalcogenide thin lms have been grown by ECALE using zinc sulphate as metal source and sodium sulphide and sodium selenite as chalcogenide precursors.145 148 The formation of the rst layers of ZnS on (111)Au has been analyzed by STM and XPS.145 HRSEM images showed that the lm surface was very at, even at an atomic level. On the other hand, thicker ZnS lms were formed of well-separated crystal nuclei. The stoichiometry of a thicker ZnS lm showed a slight excess of sulphur, with a Zn : S ratio of 1 : 1.2. The band gap of a thicker lm (deposition time 12 h) was 3.60 eV.147 Cadmium chalcogenide thin lms have been grown by ECALE using cadmium sulphate as metal source and sodium sulphide, sodium selenite,
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Controlling layers Controlling line format Hiding and showing edges Tutorial: Using drawing display tools
Table 17.1
The Personalize Appearance and Sounds window is revealed.
Figure 11-10: Restoring your backup files.
Routing and Remote Access
will factorize into a quadratic and cubic, but cannot be factorized further, if and only if N + 15, + 22,440, or + 2,759,640. (For example, if N = 2,759,640, then the factors are x 2 + 12x + 377 and x 3 - 12x2 - 233x + 7320.) Such arguments are just as convincing as simple analyses at chess or go. However, at this point, once again, we are brought up short by
Working with Part Configurations
(a) Show that gm is given by
Monthly Expenses
Building an insert/values statement is pretty straightforward, although you do have a few options. The into keyword is optional and is commonly ignored. The key to building an insert statement is getting the columns listed correctly and ensuring that the data type of the value is valid for the inserted column. When the values are inserted into a new row, each value corresponds to an insert column. The insert columns may be in any order the order of the columns within the table is irrelevant as long as the insert columns and the value columns in the SQL insert command are in the same order.
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