Part III Developing with SQL Server in .NET

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Why buy a PC gamepad when you already have one That s the question posed by the philosophy of the Universal Controller, a game controller scheme that will make it possible to use the same controller on both Xbox 360 and Windows Vista enabled computers. Rather than purchase a special USB controller for your PC when you may already have an Xbox 360 and some controllers for it, you can use the Xbox 360 controllers right on your PC. This feat is made possible through an interface called Xinput.
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Optimizing PHP with Opcode Caching
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There are also Brightness and Contrast sliders. Ignore these and use the photo editing features of Photo Gallery to edit the scan later.
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SQL Server 2005 8,060 Batch size or 250MB, whichever is less 16 Unspecified 1,024 4,096 1,024 1,048,516TB 32,767 (per instance) 256 32,767 16TB 2TB Unlimited 128 249 16 2,147,483,647 or 40 percent of SQL Server memory (64-bit limited only by memory)
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And unlike with other operating systems, User Account Control actually becomes less annoying over time. That s because most UAC dialogs pop up when you first get Windows 7. This is when you ll be futzing around with settings and installing applications the most; and these two actions, of course, are the very actions that most frequently trigger User Account Control. The moral here is simple: after your new PC is up and running, User Account Control will rear its ugly head less and less frequently. In fact, after a week or so, User Account Control will be mostly a thing of the past. You ll forget it was ever there.
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The most efficient way to pattern large numbers of components in an assembly is to pattern a single subassembly with all of the components to be patterned in it. While this may not be easily combined with some of the other considerations that I mentioned previously, it is another option that you can use to organize assemblies.
The Database Tuning Advisor analyzes a batch of queries (from Profiler) and recommends index and partition modifications for performance. The scope of changes it can recommend is configurable and the changes may be applied in part or in whole, at the time of the analysis or later.
grphSurface.DrawString("Yield", fntText, _ New SolidBrush(Color.OrangeRed), rectText) Clean up!!! fntText.Dispose()
The metastat command (e.g., metastat -d11) will allow you to see this information. For example:
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