Implementing the Physical Database Schema in .NET

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To simply create a new folder without putting anything into it right away, right-click either the Mates area or the components list, and select Create New Folder from the menu.
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Project management is the best training ground for general management.
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7 Use the available formatting tools
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Within a part file, to change the display from one configuration to another, you must first switch to the ConfigurationManager panel, and then either double-click the desired config or right-click it and select Show Configuration. Alternatively, you can right-click the config in the ConfigurationManager and select Show Preview, as shown in Figure 10.2. A small preview thumbnail displays in the PropertyManager panel. However, not all configurations will have previews. For example, in a part with many configs that have been generated automatically by a design table, the configurations may not have previews because the config itself has never actually been rebuilt. Previews exist only when the configuration has been activated at least once, the image on the screen generated, and the part then saved. SolidWorks stores both the body (geometry) and the preview image of the part so that next time you access the configuration, the software does not have to rebuild everything again.
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Visuals and realism
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File, Print, and Storage Services
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While the previous makeover provided a great way to display thumbnail images, the downside was that the larger image opened in a second browser window. Although it s functional, that solution isn t necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing. Here s a makeover that offers a great alternative: overlaying the full-size image on top of the existing Web page.
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17.6 Principles of Cellular Networks 17.6.1 Reuse Distance
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13.6.2 Ontology Engineering, Population, Annotation
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