Part III Developing with SQL Server in .NET

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PowerPoint enables you to draw freehand on your screen during a presentation with a pointer tool. You can use it to highlight or annotate important points in the slide show. You can choose the style of pen pointer and the color of the line.
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Solution Processing of Inorganic Materials, edited by David B. Mitzi Copyright 2009 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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If no (S, ) combination can be found which satis es Equation (6.1.8), the photon is considered to be absorbed (non-radiative relaxation of the atom) and the trajectory is terminated. In the case of radiative relaxation, since the characteristic radiation is emitted isotropically (i.e. P ( , + d ) = 1/2 sin d and P ( , + d ) = d /2 ), the angles and (Figure 6.1.4) can be selected using: cos = 2R 1 = 2 R (6.1.9)
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SolidWorks Basics
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In late 2008, Microsoft offered up its third-generation Zune platform, which was really just an evolution of Zune 2. The devices didn t change from a hardware perspective at all, though the capacities were upped to 8, 16, and 120GB, respectively. The PC software and device firmware was further refined with some nifty new features; and Microsoft expanded on Zune s social networking prowess with updates to the Web portal and Zune Social. Zune 3 was all about finishing the work started with Zune 2, and it developed into an amazing platform for digital music and video. The Zune 3 PC software is shown in Figure 14-3.
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Keep in mind that domains and IP address ranges have no direct relationship. A single domain can use any number of different subnets, and host records in a domain can point to hosts outside your local network and even outside your domain. You might outsource e-mail for your organization, for example, which would mean that your domain contains mail-related records that point to a server outside your subnet and LAN.
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>> i = AwesomeCo Inc. , 5 ) => #<Invoice:0x101143438 @client= AwesomeCo Inc. , @tax= 5 >
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The fundamental relay channel.
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QL Server 2005 Express Edition, also called SQL Server Express, or SSE for short, is the low-end version of Microsoft s very popular database program SQL Server. SSE is free to use and redistribute. Any database you create with SSE is directly usable in higher-level versions of SQL Server. Microsoft has taken big steps in making SSE approachable and usable by all types of developers, from beginners to advanced users. The functionality and ease of use packed into SSE make it a very attractive choice for your database application. SSE is well suited for a limited installation such as a local database setup for a developer. For example, you don t get management software as part of the package; the management software comes as a separate download. In addition, you won t see some features such as Reporting Services in the current version, although Microsoft might add this particular feature in a future version. Unlike other Express products that Microsoft has introduced, SQL Server Express will remain a free download indefinitely. Because SQL Server Express will typically be repeatedly installed in numerous systems, this chapter details how to create a silent install that can be built into your application installation. In addition, SQL Server Express uses a modified version of SQL Server Management Studio, which is also covered in this chapter.
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3D Sketch Plane creates a plane in a 3D Sketch. I discuss 3D Sketches in more detail in 31. By sketching on planes within a 3D sketch, you get most of the benefits and usage of 2D sketches, and you do not have to deal with history between sketches. Before committing too much work to this course, you should look into some of the shortcomings of 3D Planes. The planes are treated just like another entity in the 3D sketch, which means you can assign sketch relations to them, but it also means that they can move around within the sketch like sketch entities. Add Relation displays a PropertyManager window that allows you to apply sketch relations. This interface appears to be obsolete because it is easier to simply select sketch items and apply relations via the context toolbar or in the PropertyManager window that appears automatically when you select them; however, there are some subtle workflow-related reasons for using this tool.
FIGURE 27.25 Using split entities to split lines
Specialty topics
FIGURE 18.20 Lots of Citizen Cope
tecture, using PostgreSQL and MySQL as repositories and using HTTP as communication protocol handlers. Important next steps to expand Sesame towards a full edged storage and querying service for the Semantic Web include implementing transaction rollback support, versioning, extension from RDFS to DAML1OIL and implementations for different repositories. This last feature especially will be greatly facilitated by the fact that the current SAIL implementation is a generic SQL92 implementation, rather than speci c for a particular DBMS.
Accessing the Server
Step into the Real World
Information Kiosk
Figure 5.8.2 K-edge EXAFS spectra of Cu foil measured using an undulator beamline. Taken from Oyanagi et al.10 Incident X-ray intensity (i0 ) is also shown, which has saw-teeth like structure due to the undulator gap change. The EXAFS spectrum (heavy solid line) after being normalized with respect to the incident X-ray intensity has a smooth oscillation but no discontinuity. Reproduced by permission of Electrotechnical Laboratory
If you think the Start Menu looks odd, take a look at the windows. Invoke a window for example, the Documents window (Start Documents). Mine is shown in Figure 3.5. Mildly familiar yet strikingly different, it holds a wealth of new functionality.
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