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Printer pdf417 in .NET 19: Performing Bulk Operations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 427 Encryption Encryption, also as discussed previously, is the encoding, or scrambling, of the data for security purposes. In order to decode the data, the destination device must have the correct key. In the VPN context, data encryption and decryption can occur either at the user endpoints or at the edge of the service provider s network. In the rst case, the user endpoint devices can include workstations or other host computers, routers, or Remote Access Servers (RASs). In the second case, the carrier s or service provider s (e.g., ISP) equipment is responsible for encryption and decryption. Tunneling Tunneling is the process of encapsulating an encrypted data packet in an IP packet for secure transmission across the inherently insecure Internet, as illustrated in Figure 13.10. The four leading tunneling protocols are SOCKSv5, PPTP, L2TP, and IPsec:
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Using the same principle, a similar relation can be derived for the CL capacitor charging time tc:
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DELETE FROM] owner.Table [FROM data sources] [WHERE condition(s)]
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message with Par.9 0. It then passes the reassembled subsystem data to the called subsystem, in one N-data indication. Class 3 Services. These include the class 2 services and ow control. This protects the called subsystem in a connection against being overloaded with incoming DT2 messages [3,7]. The calling SCCP assigns cyclically increasing (. . . 0, 1, . . . , 126, 127, 0, . . .) send sequence numbers [P(S)] to consecutive outgoing DT2 (data form 2) messages of a connection. The called SCCP sends Data Acknowledgment messages, which include a receive sequence number [P(R)] that represents the highest numbered (mod 128) accepted DT2. Parameters P(S) and P(R) are part of Par.10, which is included in DT2 and acknowledgment messages. The calling SCCP may send additional DT2s as long as P(S)  P(R) W, where P(R) is the receive sequence number in the most recently received acknowledgment message, and window W represents a xed number of DT2 messages. The value of W is negotiated during the establishment of a class 3 connection. In this way, the called SCCP controls the message ow.
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In 2002, wireless LAN unit shipments in the Asia-Pacific region rose to 3 million from 1.3 million in 2001, registering a 130 percent growth rate while revenues posted a growth of 58 percent from $266 million to $421 million. The wireless LAN market in the Asia-Pacific region is as diverse as it can get. Broadly categorized into three segments, these will typically be grouped under: Early Adopters: Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan fall in this category due to the maturity of their wired infrastructure. The Promising Followers: Australia, Malaysia, and People's Republic of China are in this group. The general characteristics of this group are their potential to become leaders in the technology due to the vast resources available to them. The Laggards: The geographical constraints of the Philippines and the low penetration of wired infrastructure in India have made wireless LAN an interesting alternative to wired infrastructure in these two countries. However, given the low penetration of laptops and devices such as the PDA, the wireless market in India has been restricted to wide-area wireless networks.
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Windows Virtual PC has specific hardware requirements, and thanks to the vagaries of microprocessor marketing, your PC may not be up to snuff. The only important consideration, indeed, is the microprocessor: in order to run Windows Virtual PC (and, thus, XP Mode as well), you need a microprocessor that supports hardware-assisted virtualization. And you must be able to enable this functionality in the PC s BIOS. If you don t have such support, you ll see the error message shown in Figure 3-13 when you try to install Windows Virtual PC.
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Applications read XML using a parser that in turn exposes the XML data within the Document Object Model, or DOM. This W3C-established standard is an object-oriented representation of an XML document. The XML document, and each element, attribute, and text within the document, becomes a DOM object. DOM is very powerful and may be used within object-oriented code to create, read, or modify an XML document. SQL Server uses the Microsoft XML parser and DOM to read an XML document in a two-stage process: 1. The sp_xml_preparedocument stored procedure reads the XML document using the MSXML parser and creates the DOM objects internal to SQL Server. The DOM object is identified by an integer returned by the stored procedure. 2. OpenXML is used as a data source within an SQL DML statement. OpenXML identifies the DOM object using the integer returned from sp_xml_preparedocument. The following code sample first sets the sample XML data into the @XML SQL Server local variable. SQL Server then reads data into SQL using the preceding two stages, as follows: 1. When the sp_xml_preparedocument stored procedure is executed, the DOM is created. The DOM ID is received as an output parameter from the stored procedure and stored in the @iDOM variable. 2. The Select statement refers to the OpenXML system function as a data source. It accepts three parameters: The integer ID of the internal DOM object, which was stored in the @iDOM variable The rowpattern of the XML document, which OpenXML used to identify the element structure of the XML data. In this case, the rowpattern is /Tours/Tour/Event . The XML configuration flag, which determines how the elements and attributes are interpreted by OpenXML according to Table 31-1. 3. The OpenXML s With option forces a column matching for the result set passed back from OpenXML. A column is defined by its XML name, data type, and optional XML element location.
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Using Advanced Techniques
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Wireless bb router = wireless broadband router = wireless gateway = AP/router this device commonly has 3-4 Ethernet ports Access servers: high security APs for public spaces
Selecting a Screen Saver
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The terminology becomes a little convoluted here because of the relationship between the five different states. In parts, the feature states are easy to remember because features can be either suppressed or unsuppressed. However, in assemblies, there are five states instead of two, and so unsuppressed could mean anything that is not suppressed, which still leaves three states. For this reason, resolved is used instead of unsuppressed when dealing with components in an assembly.
Geometry Analysis
16: Modeling in Context
Working with Tree Display Options
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