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Using Advanced Techniques
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This conundrum first appeared in an old Civil Service examination. It proved so popular that the New Statesman persuaded the problemist Hubert Phillips to set similar problems to take the place of crossword and bridge columns. 'The driver, fireman and guard of a certain train were Brown, Robinson and Jones, and the passengers included Mr Brown, Mr Robinson and Mr Jones. Mr Robinson lived in Leeds; the guard lived midway between Leeds and London. Mr Jones' income is 400 2s 1d, and the guard's income is exactly one-third of his nearest passenger neighbour. The guard's namesake lives in London. Brown beats the fireman at billiards. What is the name of the engine-driver ' ( 1 = 20s = 240d.)
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Early versions of the Windows operating system family (such as Windows 3.x) stored most of their con guration information in initialization, or .ini les. These les were text les containing various sections that stored settings for a variety of properties such as device drivers, application and document associations, user environment settings, and so on. Windows applications also used .ini les to store their con guration settings. Even today in Windows Server 2008 and applications, .ini les are still sometimes used for storing user, application, and operating system settings. A quick search of your hard drive for .ini les will illustrate that fact. I might add that XML-based con guration les have gone a long way to returning us to the days of text-based con guration les. Although they provide a simple means of storing and retrieving settings, .ini les offer some disadvantages, particularly for storing important OS settings such as device drivers, con guration data, user environment settings, and so on. First, Windows Server 2008 needs a fault-tolerant system for maintaining its settings to avoid the problem of an unbootable system caused by a corrupt or missing .ini le. This information also needs to be secure, something .ini les can t really provide. Finally, managing all
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The assembly FeatureManager contains several options for the data to display for subassemblies, parts, configurations, and features within. Remember that all of this data that you include in your SolidWorks documents can be accessed and reused later on, and so it is worth the effort. Descriptions can be very important, both at the part level, and also for features and configs.
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expire : The time (in seconds) that a secondary DNS server can use the data
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Working with Assemblies
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Weldment drawings have a couple of special features that distinguish them from normal part drawings. The first is obviously the Cut list. Like a BOM (Bill of Materials) in an assembly, you can place the weldment Cut list on a drawing by selecting Insert Table Weldment Cut List. Figure 31.19 shows a sample Cut list on a drawing. In this case, the blank rows represent non-structural components, being the foot plates and the gusset. You can manually add data for these parts either directly into the table or by adding it to the properties of the corresponding folder in the Cut list in the model document.
Remember, the Windows 7 taskbar doesn t just contain buttons for running applications and other open windows. In this Windows version, the taskbar can also contain pinned shortcuts for applications, folders, documents, and other items. As shown in Figure 4-45, different types of taskbar buttons look different. The Explorer button represents a pinned taskbar shortcut, and because no Explorer windows are open, its button appears to float on the taskbar, without any border. The Windows Media Player button, however, has a single rectangular border around it. This means that the Media Player application is active and running. And the Internet Explorer button has a bigger, more 3D border, indicating that multiple IE windows and/or tabs are open.
1. Open the Tools menu in IE7.
1 Display Slide Master view.
Core, Con guration, Networking, and Communication Services
smbd: Provides access to the shared folders and printers on the Ubuntu server.
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