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5: Text Makeovers
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Four database-configuration options determine the automatic behaviors of SQL Server databases (see Table 34-8). In Management Studio they are all set in the Options tab of the Database Properties page.
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Enabling L2TP for VPN
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configured from the Web. As a Windows Live service, you actually do most Family Safety features configuration from the Web. The Windows application shown above simply determines whether Family Safety is enabled on that computer and provides a little refresh button for manually getting the latest family controls from the Web site. To access the Family Safety Web site, click the link Go to the Family Safety website. You should see something like the screen shown in Figure 8-23.
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Figure 6.8 Typical frequency correlation function.
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Data Access Architectures
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The pubs database is a SQL Server 2000 sample database. It can be downloaded from FamilyId=06616212-0356-46A0 -8DA2-EEBC53A68034&displaylang=en.
Al P+ D n+ Al Electron Hole Donor Acceptor V Depleted Inculator P Non depleted Noninculator
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Virtual components are a technique that is useful for concept work in assemblies, but you will not see them show up on any best practice list. The main limitation of this technique shows up in the form of data management and reuse.
Getting More from Mates
Always perform a full backup of your data before attempting to perform an installation or upgrade, or formatting your drive. Yes, it is time consuming; no, it is not fun, but you will feel much better knowing that your wedding pictures are safe in the confines of a backup drive rather than lost for good because an hour seemed like too much time to spend waiting for a backup to complete.
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Part I: SolidWorks Basics
Two problems using the ionic compound correction method to obtain truly quantitative data are reviewed to demonstrate the power of quantitative EDX in transmission microscopy (Van Cappellen and Doukhan 1994). The rst example is the accurate quanti cation of diffusion pro les in negrained ceramic composites. The analysed material is an Al2 O3 reinforced (20 vol%), yttria-stabilized (3 mol% Y2 O3 ), tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline composite (Al2 O3 /Y-TZP). The purpose is to investigate mutual diffusion of Al and Zr in neighboring grains after superplastic deformation. Figure 5.7.8 shows that Al does not penetrate in ZrO2 grains whereas Zr slightly diffuses into the Al2 O3 crystals. Noteworthy is that on both sides and away from the interface the correct O concentrations are obtained (60 and 66.7 at%). Oxygen, the only common element on both sides, is used, as the ratio element in the Cliff Lorimer ratio technique, con rming that contrary to some beliefs, strongly absorbed elements can be used as the ratio element. The k-factors are measured experimentally on well-characterized standards using the parameterless correction method. The relative errors on kAlO and kZrO are approximately 2 %, whereas for kYO , the error is believed as high as 5 %, which is not a problem as Y is only a minor constituent. The second example is the study of a complex garnet [(Mg, Ca, Fe)3 Al2 Si3 O12 ]/ortho-pyroxene [(Mg, Fe)2 Si2 O6 ] interface. The concentration pro les obtained with the ionic compound correction scheme (Figure 5.7.9) are consistent with the rules of crystal chemistry and show that the interface contains a certain amount of silica especially on the ortho-pyroxene (OPX) side of the interface, a conclusion that would have been dif cult to draw otherwise. In this sample, not only the interface is altered, but also the garnet phase is contaminated with monoxide layers. This can be concluded from the following facts: rst the measured Si concentration is well under 15 at%, second there is a systematic excess of 2+ valence elements, and third the O/Si ratio far exceeds
Optimizing for using multimedia with Windows Vista is very similar to optimizing for gaming. After all, both can have rather hearty resource appetites. If you plan on using Vista s multimedia capabilities, first make sure your hard drive is properly defragmented in order to guarantee performance. For more information on defragmenting your drive, please refer to the Appendix in the back of this book. Like with gaming, I recommend having as much RAM as possible in your machine. Make sure that your processor is sufficient for what you are planning to do in terms of multimedia. A graphic developer would probably have more stringent requirements than a user who wants to simply watch DVDs or listen to music. In fact, the optimization tips that are detailed earlier in this chapter also apply to users who are planning on taking advantage of Windows Vista s multimedia capabilities. You can do several things to keep control of system resources. For example, if you are using the rip CD feature for your audio CDs, you can set the bit rate to a lower speed so that your audio files require less disk space. If you don t rip many CDs, you might not need to change this setting. However, if you plan on keeping a copy of your entire CD collection on your hard drive, you may want to consider slightly lowering the sound quality in return for less disk consumption. Another time and resource saver is to disable to Autorun feature. Fortunately, Windows Vista has greatly simplified how to disable this feature, and in what capacity. To modify or disable Autorun, type Autorun in the Start Menu s Search box. As you can see in Figure 27.5, Windows Vista provides you with AutoPlay options for various types of media and situations. You can disable everything in one click by deselecting the Use AutoPlay for all media and devices option. If you want to use AutoPlay for specific applications or to indicate which application should be used to open certain media, you can manually change these items, as displayed in Figure 27.6. After making your choices, simply click Save.
not fall in the close vicinity of 0 (where the log function is approximated with a linear function, corresponding to the resolution of a 12-bit uniform quantizer). Thus, logarithmic quantizers are designed to cope with the strong temporal variations of the speech signal envelope which are both intrinsic (short-time stationary sequence of highly different speech sounds, soft versus loud voice) and extrinsic (variable distance to the microphone). Adaptive quantization extends the dynamic range of a quantizer even further than logarithmic quantization such that input power uctuations of 40 dB and more show no pronounced effect on SQNR performance. It is implemented with an adaptive gain control mechanism, operating on a sample-by-sample backward-adaptive basis in one of the most popular variants. If the random variable X itself has a nonuniform amplitude probability distribution, the uniform quantizer does not achieve the minimal SQNR performance for a given number of quantization intervals I . The set of optimal quantizer thresholds ti , i = 1, . . . , I and reconstruction values x (q) (i), i = 1, . . . , I can be found using the iterative Lloyd Max algorithm which alternates between the two following implicit conditions found from minimizing the mean-square quantization error for xed input power: 1. The best quantization thresholds lie at equal distance between adjacent reconstruction values: ti = x (q) (i) x (q) (i 1) 2 (15.10)
In other words, not only is the estimate defined by (4.9), (4.13), and (4.15) the maximum likelihood estimate for Fo, and thus minimizes the asymptotic variance for Fo, but it actually minimizes the maximum asymptotic variance for F E PEG This result was the nucleus underlying the paper of Huber (1964). We now shall extend this result beyond contamination neighborhoods of the normal distribution to more general sets P,. begin by minimizing We (4.18) (cf. Section 1,4), and, since E will be kept fixed, we suppress it in the notation. We assume that the observations are independent, with common distribution function F ( x - 0). The location parameter 6J is to be estimated, while the shape F may lie anywhere in some given set P = P,of distribution functions. There are some
2 2 where 2 = 1 / 2 is the ratio of mean signal power to mean interference power. The associated cdf is given by:
Input signal
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