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If the server side of Akismet were open source, spammers could easily reverse engineer their spam to evade the algorithms that flag it as spam. With spam prevention, obscurity is a powerful weapon.
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Faces to Extend
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The chart appears, along with placeholder data in a separate Microsoft Excel window.
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Figure 20.1-1 Local Area Network common bus and packet switch.
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1. Name the five standard versions of Windows Vista.
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Figure 50-9: CTempClient Web application user interface in Internet Explorer. To test the application, enter a temperature value in the first text box, select the source units, select the target units, and then click the Converts To button. The Web Form is submitted to the server, where the Click event code of the button is executed. This code creates an instance of the CTemp proxy class, calls the CTemp method, and outputs the conversion results to the target temperature text box. Having now seen your consumer application in action, let's take a look at the larger picture of what really happens when you run your application to interact with the CTemp Web Service.
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The gallery of effects appears.
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Filtering is a weighted summation of previous incoming data. Discrete Fourier transform:
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1 Exit angle qe (deg)
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Typical inverting operational amplifier configuration.
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Working with the Public folder
You may be curious about the wlwmanifest.xml file. This file exists as a requisite for using Windows Live Writer, Microsoft s desktop blog editor that is discussed later in this chapter. n
If a resistor with negative resistance r is connected to this inductor L in series, the Q value will be changed to Q= where r = r r . (16.11) L L , = r r r (16.10)
FIGURE 16.15 You can cancel out of a window by clicking outside the box.
Finally, from equations (3.124) and (3.127), we have CMRR = Adm = 1. Acm (3.128)
or employingthe update formulaof [3]:
Windows Name Services
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