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Integrate QR in .NET Part I: SolidWorks Basics

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When you start Orca, the screen magnifier starts and displays an enhanced version of the desktop screen, shown in Figure 4-14.
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and either drag items from the Customize dialog box to the View toolbar to add them, or from the View toolbar into the empty graphics area to remove them. You can use these tools with part and assembly models but not drawings.
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Active Server Pages J. Christopher Sandvig ActiveX Roman Erenshteyn ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) Bhushan Kapoor Application Service Providers (ASPs) Hans-Arno Jacobsen Authentication Patrick McDaniel Benchmarking Internet Vasja Vehovar and Vesna Dolnicar Biometric Authentication James. L. Wayman BluetoothTM A Wireless Personal Area Network Brent A. Miller Business Plans for E-commerce Projects Amy W. Ray Business-to-Business (B2B) Electronic Commerce Julian J. Ray Business-to-Business (B2B) Internet Business Models Dat-Dao Nguyen Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Internet Business Models Diane M. Hamilton Capacity Planning for Web Services Robert Oshana Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Fred Condo C/C++ Mario Giannini
Understanding what you are doing with file management is imperative when working with parts that depend on in-context features. Because the references are stored in both the part that is doing the referencing and the assembly where the reference is created, improperly changing the name of either document is bound to cause problems. For example, if you rename an in-context part using Windows Explorer, then the assembly will not recognize the part, as demonstrated in an earlier chapter. This also means that any in-context references will not update.
Make sure that namespaces are unique
In general, Solaris log files cannot be manually monitored. There are simply too many log files and too much information. Digesting the information in the log files of a single busy system could be a full-time job. Our strategies at data reduction involve focussing on the more important messages (i.e., warning messages), summarizing the data in log files by running the logs through analysis scripts (Perl is a great tool for this kind of job), and intercepting messages as they arrive using tools like swatch described in the next section.
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FIGURE 20.6 The storyboard/timeline is your editing desk.
Building Intelligence into Your Parts
The beginning of the Login2.aspx file imports the namespaces required to connect to the Access table, as shown here: <%@ Import Namespace="System.Data.Oledb" %> <%@ Import Namespace="System.Data" %> Then, on the button click event, you connect to the table AccessTable and check to see if there's a username/password pair that match what the user has entered in the text boxes. Next, you use the DataReader to see if there's at least some data that has been returned, as shown here: Dim ObjDataReader As OleDbDataReader objDataReader = Cmd.ExecuteReader() If objDataReader.Read() Then blnUserAuthenticated = True End If If there's a match, you execute your statement in the If Then clause and make your user authentication variable true. Then you can run through an If Then clause that allows the user to continue on his way if the authentication variable is set to true. If it's false, the user stays on the login page and can't proceed.
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