4: Creating Simple Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings in .NET

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Using direct converters
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The SolidWorks 2007 Bible is unique in its use of these two icons:
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You ll notice Photoshop acting like it has a mind of its own, opening each image in the source folder and downsizing it.
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The true cost of Windows Vista
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Appendix B: What s on the CD-ROM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1083
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Should you decide to perform an upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista (for more information on installation, please read 3), there is one major task you should perform that can be done in one or two ways:
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A formula for Pythagorean triples
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Figure 10.A.10 Applied and prohibited areas of the topology: LP1 CS CP2.
7. What are file extensions, and what can they tell you about your documents
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Perl Programming
Sketch techniques
If you want the Videos folder to appear in your Start Menu like the Music folder does, so you can access it in just a couple of clicks, you can make it do so sort of. Navigate to your personal folder (Figure 19.2), and then drag the Videos folder to the Start button. When the Start Menu pops up, drag the folder to the area where the Internet and E-mail links are, as shown in Figure 19.4. Drop it there. When you re done, a shortcut to the Videos folder appears, pinned to the top of the Start Menu, as shown in Figure 19.5.
PowerPoint inserts the window screenshot onto the slide.
Default FAT Cluster Size
In addition to being connected to Microsoft s online help which is continuously updated you ll also find links to Windows communities for further assistance, links to Microsoft s technical site (www.msdn.com), and sometimes links to other Web sites relating to Microsoft Vista.
When you open a sketch, several tools become available, specifically all the sketch entities and tools. Conversely, you cannot do several things until you open a sketch. For example, you cannot apply a Fillet feature while a sketch is open. Open sketches and selection filters are two very common sources of frustration for new users. Several indicators exist to let you know when you are in Sketch mode:
The only item here that requires explanation is the Extension Type panel. The Same Surface option means that the extended surface will simply be extrapolated in the selected direction. A planar surface is the easiest to extend because it can go on indefinitely without running into problems. A cylindrical surface can only be extended until it runs into itself. Complex lofted or swept surfaces are often difficult to extend. Extrapolating a complex surface is not easy to do, and often results in self-intersecting faces, which causes the feature to fail. When the Same Surface setting works, it creates a nice result because it does not create an edge where the extension begins; it smoothly extends the existing face. The Linear option is more reliable than the Same Surface option because it starts tangent to the existing surface and keeps going in that direction, working much like a Ruled surface, which is covered later in this chapter. This option creates an edge at the starting point of the new geometry.
are bases for &(R)satisfying the biorthogonality condition (8.58). Note that T = 1 is chosen in order to simplify notation. We will mainly consider the representation (8.55) and write it as
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