Part VII: Working with Specialized Functionality in .NET

Create QR-Code in .NET Part VII: Working with Specialized Functionality

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Figure 12.39 Simpli ed model of a CD device with two combined capacitors C gd and Cds and a combined current source.
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The core of the Ubuntu web server is the Apache web server software. The Apache web server software can serve standard HTML web pages and also support the dynamic PHP web pages used in the LAMP environment. This section discusses the Ubuntu server distribution s Apache web server installation and shows how to customize it for your environment. You can also install the Apache web server in an Ubuntu workstation environment, but it isn t recommended for a production environment. A web server shouldn t have the performance overhead of managing a graphical desktop environment while trying to serve clients. If you do decide to install the Apache web server on an Ubuntu workstation, be careful. The version of the Apache web server available from the Synaptic Package Manager repositories is not the same as what s available for the Ubuntu server installation. If you re planning on running a real web server, your best solution is to use the web server in the Ubuntu server distribution. Instead of installing the Apache web server from the Synaptic Package Manager, install it using the tasksel utility. From a Terminal command prompt, enter the command:
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The four-layer TCP/IP model, also known as the DoD (Department of Defense) or the Internet model The seven-layer OSI (open system interconnection) model, speci ed by the International Standards Organization (ISO)
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Original data subcarrier # New data subcarrier #
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The economic buyer is the person with whom you must partner. If you settle for the buyer s subordinates, you likely become an implementer and not a consultant.
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The central pane has two main sections by default: an instant search box where you can search the contents of your e mail folders, and a message list, which shows the contents of the currently selected folder. In Windows Mail, the search box was found in the upper right corner of the application window, but the Windows Live Mail version works in basically the same way with one major exception: Windows Live Mail enables you to filter search results by account, which is handy when you have several configured accounts. The Windows Live Mail Messages list works much like the similar feature in Microsoft Outlook, and not like the one in Windows Mail; and that s true even if you configure Windows Mail to work in a three column view, with the Reading pane next to the Messages list instead of below it. Windows Live Mail looks great configured this way, whereas Windows Mail did not.
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FSO systems suffer from environmental interference, particularly fog, which absorbs, scatters, and re ects the light beam, much as fog affects the beam from the headlights of an automobile. Signal reliability can be affected by scintillation due to differences in air density caused by heated air rising from heat ducts or from the earth on bright, hot days. The impact of this phenomenon can be mitigated through the use of larger aperture receivers and widely spaced redundant receivers. Under optimum conditions, transceiver separation is limited to about 2 5 km, although most tests have shown optimum performance at distances of 500 m to 1 km. In areas where there is a lot of dense fog, links more typically are limited to about 200 m, and some manufacturers offer fog redundancy via microwave systems. On the more positive side, FSO systems are immune to EMI and RFI. As the beams are so tightly focused and beam spread is minimal over the short distances where FSO systems nd application, a great many systems can coexist in a small airspace with no concern of saturation and cross-interference. Under optimum conditions and with link lengths constrained to 2 km or so, error performance is in the range of 10 8 and link availability in the range of 99.9 percent. When supplemented with microwave backup, FSO systems can deliver a carrier-class availability level of 99.999 percent, which compares favorably with UTP and microwave. Despite the limiting factors, FSO is enjoying increasing popularity due to its low relative cost when compared to microwave and ber optics. FSO systems commonly operate at rates of 1.544 Mbps (T1), 2.048 Mbps (E-1), 34 Mbps (E-3), 45 Mbps (T3), 155 Mbps (OC-3), and 622 Mbps (OC-12). (Note: 9 discusses SONET and SDH ber-optic standards and the associated OC rates.) Some manufacturers offer equipment running at rates as high as 10 Gbps (OC-192), and systems running at up to 160 Gbps have been demonstrated in the labs [19, 20]. FSO systems also can be deployed very quickly as there currently are no FCC licensing requirements and few other regulatory restrictions on its use. Security is a key advantage. Not only is the beam path invisible to the unaided eye, but intercepting the signal involves breaking the beam path, which would drop the connection. The applications are all short-haul in nature. FSO, for example, is an attractive alternative to leased lines or private cabled systems for building-to-building connectivity in a campus environment or other short-haul point-to-point application, especially in bridging LANs. FSO is also used by carriers as a replacement for various licensed microwave Wireless Local Loop (WLL) technologies. In those WLL applications, FSO typically is deployed in a mesh con guration for purposes of redundancy, in consideration of the potential for link failures due to fog and other environmental or line-of-sight issues. FSO systems also nd application in disaster recovery scenarios.
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Part VI
and the so-called modulation matrix or alias component (AC) matrax
gESTuRES Windows Phone also supports single-touch gestures. The most obvious of these is scrolling, which can be performed in an up and down motion, as through lists, or in a left and right motion, as through panoramic experiences. In either case, you re essentially flicking the screen (Figure 2-31). You can also pan, which is like scrolling except that instead of flicking the screen, you actually press and hold and move your finger in any direction. This is most frequently used in editing situations, such as when you need to position the text entry cursor somewhere specific within a block of previously entered text. doublE-Tap In many Windows Phone UIs, double-tapping an object, akin to double-clicking a mouse in desktop Windows versions, can perform special actions. The most common is to zoom. For example, if you are browsing the Web and wish to zoom the browser s
N OT E Some sites disable inetd by modifying the /etc/init.d/inetinit
Using the Scale feature
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PowerPoint compares the presentation and the Reviewing Pane (aka Revisions Pane) appears.
Capacity (bits/s/Hz)
(a) Simple circuit of class A power amplifier Linfinite = RF choke, Czero= DC blocking capacitor.
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