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To set up a program, the mouse is used to access the Clear button. Then, the number of stages of the receiver can be entered. The example shown in Figure 27.4 is for a simple receiver with a lter, an LNA, and a mixer. The sample calculation utilizes the measured performance of the components used as measurement examples in s 22 26. The combining of the intermodulation products must be done using their OIP3. The software program does not use this nomenclature, assuming that the user understands this. As discussed in 23, the important intermodulation characteristic is IIP3. IIP3 is equal to OIP3 minus the receiver gain. An RF lter does not have an OIP3, because it is a linear device. To eliminate the lter from the OIP3 calculation, it is assigned a very high ctitious value. Remember, the higher the OIP3 is, the better. In the example calculation of Figure 27.4, it is given a value of 100 dBm, which is 10 MW. Of course, the lter will never see this much power, but using this value takes it out of the calculation. The gain, noise gure, and OIP3 for each component are entered in the upper window. The two additional lines in this window are used when calculations are to be made as a function of part temperatures. These calculations will be discussed in Section 27.5, so they are left blank for now.
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The Start Menu and taskbar
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transistors, a memory cell only approximately 25% larger than a standard SRAM cell can be realized. 8.6.4 Reliability of Silicon Nitride Nonvolatile Memory
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5. Enter a return e-mail address and then click Next.
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In order to explain this, let us assume that C ( W is a narrowband bandpass ) with B << W O . The system function of the associated analytic bandpass may be written as
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Reproduced with permission from [IEEE 802.16]. IEEE.
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Name and organization. Provide the name of the person responsible for the software and the name of the organization that owns the license. Licensing mode. You can choose to select licensing on a per-server, per-seat, or per-device basis. If you choose to license per seat, you must enter the number of client access licenses (CALs) purchased. If you are going to provide application services by using the Terminal Services in Application mode, choose the CAL option. Computer name. This is where you get to add the NetBIOS name. Windows Server 2008 chooses a default name for you, which you should change because it doesn t make very much sense. Coming up with a convenient naming convention that your users recognize is far better. Windows pretty much leaves you to your own devices in naming your computers. The best rule to follow is to name the machine according to any convention you dream up that works for your situation . . . just be consistent. Resist cute names for several reasons: The names may be hard for your users to relate to, and some may nd them annoying. (Not everyone loves Disney.) Server names are also the pre xes for the new Dynamic DNS names assigned to the server. A simple machine name for the domain name would be MDENTS02.MCITY.US, which is far better than BULLWINKLE.MCITY.US. Be careful, too, about using names that attract security problems. We once used the name Checkpointcharlie, which was subsequently hacked the following week. Password for the Administrator account. This account is installed into the local domain s Administrator account except for domain controllers. Windows Server 2008 components. The next step is to add the optional components and services. Ignore most of these services in trial installations and go directly to Networking Options. Here, you must provide DHCP information, the DNS server address, and other information. Terminal Services. You can also choose the operating mode of Terminal Services. For now leave it as is, in Administration mode. There s no point in installing Application Server mode until you are ready, and the mode can be changed at any time. Display settings. These settings enable you to con gure the screen resolution, number of display colors, and video-related information such as refresh rate. You can leave many of these settings at the default. Change your screen resolution, however, to at least 800 600. Many Windows Server 2008 folders and menus are jam-packed with icons and information, and 640 480 just does not work. In many cases, you should go with 1,024 768 resolution. Time and date. These settings enable you to set time zones and daylight saving information and to adjust the current date and time. After this information is applied, Windows Server 2008 starts Phase 3 of the installation process: the network install.
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Creating Primary Keys
Figure 23-10: You can modify the DataSet column name to database table column name mappings in the Table Mappings editor. This type of design time configuration and processing of a DataAdapter greatly increases runtime performance by allowing all the performance-intensive processes, such as schema generation, to be done only once. Also, it greatly increases your productivity by not forcing you to write a large amount of code to write this level of DataAdapter integration into your applications. Additionally, when configuring a DataAdapter, it is possible that the CommandBuilder object cannot generate all the associated Command objects due to issues with the generated Select statement. This usually occurs when the CommandBuilder cannot programmatically determine which column in the Select statement serves as the unique identifier for a row. When this occurs, Visual Studio .NET displays a notification similar to the one shown in Figure 23-11. When this screen appears, it usually means that the CommandBuilder cannot programmatically determine a primary key for the given table. You can resolve this by verifying that there is a unique, primary key for the table and attempting to drop the table onto the Component Designer again.
You can use Hole Wizard Favorites to store custom holes. Create the hole with its custom sizes, and then add the favorite and give it a recognizable name. The custom hole will now be available to anyone who connects to the same database file.
sync with a right-click.
The Program Compatibility Assistant finds an appropriate compatibility mode for applications that were designed to run on earlier versions of Windows. For example, if you decided to use an XP application on Vista, the assistant detects this operating system difference and automatically prepares it to run on Vista without further action required by the user. That s not to say it s perfect. For example, if you try to install software designed for Windows XP, it may act like it installed properly. Afterwards, a dialog box appears telling you that it has to intervene because of compatibility issues and then fixes the problem. Unfortunately, these programs mentioned earlier are not available at the time of writing, so we ve not been able to test them and see how effective they are. We have noticed the Compatibility Mode when using Microsoft Office 2007 on Vista and saving documents in Windows 2003 format.
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To avoid unexpected data type conversions at assignment, ADO data types can be assigned using explicit casting to the desired data type.
Configurations for product variations
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Part III: Security and Networking
Makeover Thumbnails Action set into Photoshop, follow Steps 2 4 in the previous makeover before continuing.
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