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Turning Toolbox and the Toolbox Browser on
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Part VII: Working with Specialized Functionality
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Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor
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The Long Internet Letter
Now turn your attention to the links along the left of the Network and Sharing Center window. They are: n View computers and devices: This option shows everything you can see on the network, including computers, printers, and other shares, in a window like the one shown in Figure 12.8. n Connect to a network: Use this link to cause Windows Vista to look for networks to connect to. If you re already connected, a screen appears like the one shown in Figure 12.12. n Set up a connection or a network: This option allows you to set up Internet or other network connections, should Windows not set them up automatically. See the following section for more information. n Manage network connections: This option invokes a window that shows every network connection on the computer and its current status. n Diagnose and repair: If a problem occurs, Windows will try to fix it when you click this link. If it can t find any problems, a window appears like the one shown in Figure 12.13.
and VT are of primary importance to determine drive current, as shown in Eqs. 10.8 and 10.9. However, for given gate length and maximum off-state leakage IOF(max), VT and Leff are actually not independently adjustable parameters for device designers. As mentioned above, VT is mostly determined by IoF(max) for bulk CMOS whose subthreshold swing is usually around 75-90 mV/decade. Also, as is shown in the next section, gate length control and VT rolloff also impact the nominal VT.
Why Do You Need Surfaces
REMARK 1 The assertion that the distribution of a translation-equivariant estimate T is continuous, provided the observations X , are independent with identical continuous distributions, is plausible but false [cf. Torgerson (1971)J REMARK 2 It is possible to obtain confidence intervals with exucr one-sided error probabilities LY and 1- /3 also in the general discontinuous case if we are willing to choose a sometimes open, sometimes closed interval. More precisely, when U L y and thus T o = T * ,and if the set {Qlh(x- 0) > C} is open, choose the interval [To 01.2" 0 2 ) ; if it is closed, choose ( T o 01.T o 021. When T o = T**and { 0 ) h ( x 0) 2 C} is open, take [To 01,T o 0 2 ) ; if it is closed, take ( T o 01,T o 021.
2. Click Show Options.
Yes. You can click and drag the Zoom slider or click the or Zoom In Zoom Out buttons at each end of the slider. Select a lower zoom percentage to display more slides at a time.
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14.1.2 Fundamental Concepts of Information Theory
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