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15.3.5 Final and Intermediate GT Translations In the above example, SCCP-E makes a nal GT translation, which yields the PC SSN address of destination R800-D. This is possible because a SCCP in a signal transfer point has the necessary data to perform nal translations for all destinations in its network, and we have assumed that all entities in Fig. 15.3-4 are in the same network. When the originating and destination ASEs are in different networks, the SCCPs in the originating network have no data to do nal GT translations. In this case, the message transfer involves one or more intermediate GT translations to route the message to a STP in the destination network, and a nal GT translation by the SCCP at that STP. Figure 15.3-5 shows an example. We consider long-distance networks in countries 1 and 2 and explore the transfer of an initial message by originating ASE-A to destination. ASE-E. Each national network has international STPs (STPI), whose SCCPs can do nal GT translations for destinations in their respective countries, and intermediate GT translations to route a message to a STPI in the destination country. In the gure, the point codes of signaling points in countries 1 and 2 are denoted by la, lb, 1c, and 2d, 2e. The STPIs also have an international point code (ic, id). We now examine the routing of the rst Unitdata message of an international calling-card veri cation transaction. An operator at exchange A has received a call from a caller who has a calling card issued in country 2 and wants the call to be charged to the card. We denote the calling card number by 2n. Before extending the call setup, the operator needs to verify the validity of the calling card. Information about the validity of 2n is available only in country 2 (at ASE-E).
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A key realization is now that the second product in Eq. (12.18) is independent of sm , and thus does not in uence the decision. This is another way of saying that components of the noise (and thus of the received signal) that do not lie in the signal space of the transmit signal are irrelevant for the decision of the detector (Wozencraft s irrelevance theorem). Finally, as exp(.)is a monotonic function, we nd that it is suf cient to minimize the metric: (sLP,m ) = ||rLP sLP,m ||2 (12.19)
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Off. When the DRO is turned off, it
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The power-spectral density of the basis pulse is simply the squared magnitude of the Fourier transform G(f ) of the basis pulse g(t): |SG (f )|2 = |G(f )|2 The power-spectral density in passband is SBP (f ) = 1 [SLP (f fc ) + SLP ( f fc )] 2 (11.22) (11.21)
Figure 30-4: Viewing the output web page source code.
Using the Base Flange Features
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