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In this case, the small motor is placed where it needs to be, but there is a wall in the way. Indent is used to create an indentation in the wall using the same wall thickness, and placing a gap of .010 inches around the motor. The motor is brought into the wall part using the Insert Part command. This is a multibody technique. Multibodies are examined in detail in 26.
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In Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, Microsoft introduced a technology called Software Restriction Policies (SRP) that helped administrators in managed environments specify which end user applications could and could not be installed and run. The goal of such a technology is fairly obvious: for security and productivity reasons, admins want to restrict which applications their users can access, even though such controls may sometimes seem Draconian to users. With Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft is introducing AppLocker, an updated version of SRP. AppLocker is more flexible and malleable than SRP but offers the same basic functionality: it uses Group Policy based rules to determine which applications users can access. But it goes deeper than SRP by introducing the concept of publisher rules, whereby admins can specify that certain application versions are allowed or disallowed.
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FIGURE 14-4 Directory junctions enable you to map local volumes and network shares into a single local namespace.
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Adding Data to MySQL with WordPress
Anytime Upgrade. Windows Anytime Upgrade is shown in Figure 1-2. We examine Windows Anytime Upgrade more closely in the next chapter.
1. Start from the part on the CD-ROM with the filename 9 Tutorial Start.sldprt. 2. Show the dimension names. Choose View Show Dimension Names to find this setting. 3. Double-click the Circular Pattern feature to display the angle and number of instances of the feet and related features. You may have to move the angle dimension to see the pattern instance number. 4. Click the instance number. Change the name of the dimension to # (pound or number sign) in the Dimension PropertyManager. Make sure that Instant3D is unselected when doing this. 5. Double-click the first feature, which is the revolve, and rename the 3.60-inch dimension CapRad, again by selecting it and using the PropertyManager. 6. Write an equation that drives the number of legs by CapRad/7. a. Open the Equations dialog box by choosing Tools Equations. b. Click Add to add an equation. c. Double-click the Circular Pattern and click the # dimension. Make sure that the name of the dimension is listed in the equation box, and type an equal sign. d. Double-click the Revolve feature and select the CapRad dimension; then type the characters /1.5. e. Add a comment to the equation to reflect which dimension is driving which dimension.
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