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If the connection is successful the shared folder will open in a new Windows Explorer window, as shown in Figure 22-3.
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Figure 5.20. The Parental Controls Time Limits page.
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add_filter( author_link , $modified_link, 10, 3);
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General Windows troubleshooting techniques
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This is where logically deleting data becomes a potential nightmare. If a primary row is physically deleted, the secondary rows that have no meaning without the primary row should also be deleted. Should logical deletes cascade as well If an order is logically deleted, the associated order-detail rows must be logically deleted either in the write or in every future read. Both methods have problems.
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FIGURE 6.19 Windows Photo Gallery with a sample movie added
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Installing a Wired Network
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Kinder s book, Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea (www.shipofgold .com) provides a fascinating case study of a project that succeeded
where j = j b ( b is the average SNR per bit) and j represents the eigenvalues of the matrix G 1 C(t0 ). The elements of the matrix C(t0 ) are given by Ckl (t0 ) =
must-see TV. You can watch what you want, when you want. And like live TV in Media Center, you can, of course, pause, rewind, and fast forward recorded TV. There are many, many ways to record TV shows in Media Center, but the best way is to use Media Center s search capabilities to locate the shows you want. Then, you can configure it to record individual shows (such as when you want to record a movie or see what a particular TV show is like) or a series (for popular shows like Lost or The Office for which you don t want to miss a single show). 1. To search for a show to record, navigate to the Start page, TV, and then Search. (It s waaaaay over on the right.) As shown in Figure 15-24, you ll see a variety of ways to search, including by title, keyword, categories, actor, or director.
piles JSP files into Java code at runtime and passes the Java code to Catalina for processing as a servlet application Tomcat installs all three components as a single, standalone package. It is usually used separately from any existing web server packages, such as the Apache web server. Because it s separate from the standard Apache web server, Tomcat must use a different TCP port to communicate with clients. The default, TCP port used by Apache web servers is 80. By default the Tomcat web server uses TCP port 8080. This is important to know when working in a Tomcat development environment. Usually after an application is developed and moved into production, the production Tomcat server is changed to run on TCP port 80 so that clients can connect to the application using a normal-style URL instead of having to include the TCP port. Therefore, if there s an Apache web server on the same host server, it must be moved to another TCP port.
In keeping with the Explorer metaphor, Object Explorer (see Figure 6-3) is a hierarchical, expandable view of the objects available within the connected servers. A tree is built of roots and nodes. For example, within Windows My Documents tree, the desktop is the root and all folders or devices expand under the desktop as nodes. The Database Engine server nodes include databases, server security, server objects, replication, management, notification services, and SQL Server Agent. Most of the tree structure is fixed, but additional nodes are added as objects are created within the server.
Quickly Searching the Web
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