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OpenDocument Drawing (.odg) format: the proposed standard
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Intro to Communications
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Remove quotas for users who no longer need access to the volume. This requires, though, that you rst delete, move, or take ownership (as Administrator) of users les. The easiest way to do this is from the Quota Entries dialog box. Attempting to delete an entry will invoke the Disk Quota dialog box shown in Figure 13-7. This dialog box lists all folders and les owned by the user. You can delete, take ownership of, or move individual les or multiple les. The only option available for folders is to take ownership.
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Table 41-3: Session State Modes Mode Description state is using an out-ofprocess server to store state. Session state is using an out-ofprocess SQL Server to store state. If you use the cookieless attribute, the user maintains his sessions within a cookie that's placed within the URL itself. The timeout attribute is the value in minutes that the sessions should be maintained. Cross See 40 for more information on maintaining Reference sessions within a Web application. <globalization> node The <globalization> node allows you to directly control how your application configures culture settings. The following code shows how to structure the <globalization> node: <globalization requestEncoding="any valid encoding string" responseEncoding="any valid encoding string" fileEncoding="any valid encoding string" culture="any valid culture string" uiCulture="any valid culture string" /> Because the Internet is global, it's important to to code applications that are internationally aware. For instance, when an application prints the date to the screen, it should be formatted in the fashion that's expected by the viewing user, no matter which country he's in. By using the <globalization> node in the web.config file, you can establish how the server should treat certain elements, such as dates. Listing 41-2 displays a page that shows the date in a Label control. Listing 41-2: Global Dates SQLServer
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Figure 12.4-5. Mobile control messages on Reverse Voice Channel. (From EIA/TIA 553. Reproduced with permission of TIA.)
The undesired output power at ZL from block k is Pu,kGk +1 = Pom Gk +1 Pm G + Pm ,k = mo,k +1 k( m1 1) = ( m 1) o,k +1 ( m 1) . ( OIPmm 1) Gk +1OIPm,k Gk +1 OIPm,k ,k (18.203)
Figure 30-1: The AnchorEditor In order to create your own Type editor, you need to perform the following steps: 1. Create a class that inherits from UITypeEditor. 2. Override the EditValue and GetEditStyle methods. 3. Override the GetPaintValueSupported and PaintValue methods. The EditValue method actually launches the interface for property value editing. GetEditStyle returns the type of editing that is allowed by the particular editor. The valid values are DropDown, Modal, and None. None allows for the standard text editing. Modal creates the Ellipsis button next to the property, and displays a dialog box for editing. DropDown allows for an editor similar to the Anchor editor. The GetPaintValueSupported method indicates whether the Property editor actually paints anything. The AnchorEditor would return true when this function is called because the dialog box is custom painted. The PaintValue method is simply a Paint routine. Code to create the custom picture should be handled within this routine. It seems complicated, but the most difficult aspect of the ordeal is ensuring that your painting code is correct. When all is said and done, you can assign the editor to the property in your class, which is similar to the way you assigned the ImageEditor in the DropShadowEnhanced example. This allows you to easily create fancy-type editors such as the AnchorEditor. Unfortunately, this still does not handle all the modifications you want to make to the Property window. What about the complex properties that appear as one item, yet expand to show that they comprise multiple properties A good example of this can be seen with the Font property in Figure 30-2. These, too, can be yours.
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If the database project incorporates searching for words within columns, using full-text search with change tracking and background population is the best overall way to balance search performance with update performance.
You can click on any of the security areas for more information. For example, if you click Other Security Settings, the window morphs into the one shown in Figure 11.4.
The term Skeleton in Pro/ENGINEER has a different significance than the way it is being used here. SolidWorks does not have any feature or function named skeleton. The term is just being used to refer to a set of sketches, planes, axes, and reference points used to lay out the major faces and features of a part.
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