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Server-Side Development
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Tweaking Windows Vista Ultimate for Peak Performance
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Central Grounded tap is removed from ground, GND
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Upgrading from SQL Server 2000
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Single Sign-On is long overdue. From a security standpoint, it provides tremendous bene ts. If a user has six or seven passwords, it means he or she has six or seven more opportunities to compromise security. Many people are so sick of the different passwords they have to deal with that they would rather not have a password. This is a problem in systems where password creation and application is in the hands of the user. A good example is a voice-mail system. Many systems ask the user not to enter 1234 or to leave the password blank, but a review of the password history on the system usually shows that many passwords are left blank or are simply 1234. Other users go to the opposite extreme and type their passwords into a password database or a spreadsheet, or worse, a simple text le. An intruder will go to town on a document loaded with keys. Password databases are the mother lode; it takes a few seconds to crack the password that locks the le. With Single Sign-On, the user authenticates once, and that authentication is respected by other network applications and services. Made possible by Kerberos and Active Directory, Single Sign-On is supported in SQL Server 2005 and Exchange 2007, and is supported by trusts set up between realms implemented by other operating systems and Windows Server 2008. It is the very reason why Windows Server 2008 trusts between domains that share a common root or forest are transitive.
FIGURE 13.3 The Mate selection popup list
Sunrise and sunset
Active Directory serves administrators and end users by unifying directory services into a hierarchical tree. The architectural components of Active Directory provide rapid access to directory features and furnish administrators with a means to control access to network resources and delegation of authority to objects in the hierarchy. In order to command control of such functions, Active Directory must be tightly integrated into the security architecture of Windows 2000. Active Directory exists in the security subsystem of Windows 2000, a low-level kernel mode service of the operating system. The LSA provides multiple authentication vehicles for the system, which includes modules for Kerberos authentication (new to Windows 2000), Windows NT LAN Manager support (for legacy NT systems), SSL authentication, and Netlogon services for secure channel communication between domains.
Working with Assemblies
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