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FIGURE 4-3 The source code for the displayed web page appears in a separate window.
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Adding Social-Media Optimization
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Figure 23.3 The Efficient Frontier with Borrowing at the T-Bill Rate.
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Common Tag Attributes
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By default, hidden slides are printed, but you can easily adjust print settings to exclude hidden slides from printing. Print Hidden Slides
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1 In Normal or Slide Sorter view,
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-a -C -c class -d -l -I -m flag -N ndots -R retries -r -s -T
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Security and Active Directory
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GET THE SCOOP ON... Installation options Buying a new computer Using existing computers or hardware Collecting information Transferring and restoring files Activating Windows
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Rule 1: Never change the output of a given estimating process phase without a corresponding change to the inputs of that phase.
Figure 10.4-1. Signaling sequence for an intraexchange between ISDN users.
To create a striped volume, you need to have at least two dynamic disks with unallocated disk space. Each area from each of these disks used by the striped volume will have the same size. You do not need to be concerned about this when creating the striped volume because Disk Management will ensure that all pieces are equally large it will simply allocate space on each disk using the size of the smallest unallocated space among all of them. However, keep this in mind when designing the layout of your volumes. Remember that boot or system volumes cannot be parts of a stripe. Evaluate your storage needs carefully, because striped volumes cannot be extended. Create a striped volume with the following steps: 1. In the Disk Management console, switch to Graphical View by selecting View Graphical View. Bottom
The Replace Face feature does not create new surface geometry, but it does integrate existing surface geometry into the solid. It replaces selected faces of a solid or surface body with a selected surface body. Replace Face is one of the few tools that can add and remove material at the same time with a single feature. If you were to manually perform the functions that are done by Replace Face, then you would start by deleting several faces of the solid, then extending faces, and then trimming surface bodies, and finish by knitting all the trimmed and extended faces back into a single solid body. This is a very powerful and useful tool, although it is sometimes difficult to tell which situations it will work in. Figure 27.12 shows a part before and after a Replace Face feature has been added. The surface used to replace the flat face of the solid has been turned transparent. The first selection box is for the original face or faces, and the second selection box is for the surface body with the new faces. The tool tips for each of the boxes are Target Faces For Replacement and Replacement Surface(s), which seem a little ambiguous. I like to think of them as Old (top) and New (bottom).
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